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YouView hits the shops as Sky seals deal with TalkTalk

Only just in time for the Olympics... 

YouView boxes have finally arrived in shops. The Humax DTR-T1000 is initially the only YouView box on the market at the moment. It boasts a 500MB hard drive, Freeview+ functionality, plus YouView's "backward EPG" to view on demand content from BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and in Scotland, STV. In addition, the YouView service launches with the ability to access Sky's new IPTV Now TV.

At £299, early adopters will be paying a high price to access the new service, but will be able to use whichever ISP they want to access the various services.

BT and TalkTalk - official YouView partners - will launch their YouView products in the autumn. Announcing details of the forthcoming service, TalkTalk has today revealed that customers signing up to their TalkTalk Plus service will get a free YouView box. TalkTalk Plus customers will pay £14.50 a month, plus line rental starting at £9.50.

In conjunction with the TalkTalk YouView offer, Sky has today revealed in its annual report that it has struck a deal with TalkTalk to distribute its channels on TalkTalk's version of the YouView platform. So from later this year, TalkTalk customers with YouView will gain access to Sky 1, Sky Living, Sky Sports 1,2,3 and 4, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports News, Sky Arts 1 and 2, all Sky Movie channels plus Sky News. These channels are also set to join the Now TV service, which will be available on YouView for non-TalkTalk customers as a separate subscription offering. There's been no deal to date between rival BT and Sky for BT's YouView customers.

TalkTalk managing director Max Alexander commented: “Being able to offer a range of the most popular premium channels with the flexibility of being able to purchase content one month at a time is going to be hugely popular with our base and offers a great-value addition to our YouView service,”

The addition of the Sky channels for TalkTalk YouView customers comes after TalkTalk's deal with UKTV to bring its channel offering to TalkTalk customers. BT Vision struck a similar deal earlier this year with UKTV for its customers.

Today's announcements regarding TalkTalk indicate a significant push toward being a TV provider. No doubt they are hoping for a smooth rollout, and that they do not receive another dubious award of being the most complained about telco in the UK...

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