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Wimbledon knocked off HD during Murray Quarter Final

BBC One HD suffered a major glitch earlier this evening, as viewers watching the crucial quarter final between Andy Murray and David Ferrer got blank screens.

The fault affected viewers on all digital platforms apart from Virgin Media, and started about 5:20pm. BBC One on standard definition remained unaffected and on air for the duration of the fault.

When the service was restored on BBC One HD, it was initially in standard definition before reverting back to HD. This is the first major sporting fault to affect the BBC's HD services. Previously, it was ITV's HD service that attracted the ire of viewers on a number of occasions during various football matches.

Wimbledon coverage moved from BBC One to BBC Two as scheduled at 6pm - this meant HD coverage switched to BBC HD, which was operating normally, before reverting back to BBC One and BBC One HD at 7pm, pushing The One Show to BBC Two/BBC HD.

No-one at the BBC has commented on the fault so far, but the fault has been acknowledged on its news website.
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