Today is Sky EPG reshuffle day

Sky customers need to get used to a new set of channel numbers from today, as channels in some genres move places. While the main channels largely remain as they were, there will be a few changes - particularly around channel 200 and in the 400s and 900s.
With the launch of 4seven, Channel 4 is moving its HD channel to Sky channel 230, freeing up channel 140 for its catch up channel.

Channels that previously sat on channel 450-499 are being moved to sit under channel 450, with the exception of "Primetime", which moves to channel 498. This comes ahead of the launch of the BBC Olympic channels from channel 450 onward later this month.

Some Sky Box Office services in standard definition have been taken off air to compensate for the standard definition versions of the Olympic channels. This is because the launch queue for any more SD services on Sky is frozen. If a new standard definition service launches, another one has to give way.

Sky has assured its customers that despite the changes, series links and scheduled recordings on the affected channels should not be affected.

List of channel changes
Sky has published details of the changes on its website:
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