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   updated 17:00 13/07/2012

Interactive arts service The Space, which initially launched on Freeview HD channel 117 on the 1st May, is from today officially available on Freesat.

Several days after a "coming soon" placeholder appeared on Freesat channel 908, the service is now fully up and running.

The service, which is the result of a partnership between Arts Council England and the BBC, has today published a whitelist of Freesat receivers that will be compatible with the service (see comments below). As with Freeview HD boxes, there are great variations in how various receivers handle such web-delivered content and some devices will not have the ability to access the service properly.

As the service, along with BBC iPlayer and others, is delivered through a broadband internet connection, and is placed on the Freesat EPG via the "Freesat home transponder" for receivers to access, there is no transponder manual tuning details as such: if you have Freesat it will appear on the EPG, if you have a non-Freesat receiver (such as a Sky box) the service will not be available.

Current highlights on include: Seeds of Genius: Hitchcock's The Pleasure Garden from the British Film Institute and Universe of Sound: The Planets: A Listening Guide to Mars, linking in with an exhibition at the Science Museum.

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  1. current receiver whitelist:

    - Panasonic:

    - Samsung:

    - Humax:
    Foxsat HDR
    Foxsat HD

    - SAT100HD

    more soon, hopefullu

    jake berger
    head of technology and distribution,

  2. Jake Berger:

    Many people have reported the Panasonic 2010 series (with G20 being the Freesat ones) were working fine on both the Freeview and Freesat versions using the button code before launch, but are now blacklisted. Since they do seem to be quite common receivers whose owners have had quite a rough time what with ITV Player not being supported, any chance you could have a look at this?

    (I have a Humax box as well as the G20, so I don't mind, but I'm just thinking of those who don't... check Digital Spy among other places in The Space threads in both Freeview and Freesat sections for evidence that people found the G20s to work before release)

  3. "We can confirm that freesat has not “blocked” any of our customers from accessing the channel The Space.

    Due to technical issues with some freesat receivers it has not been immediately possible to make it available to all freesat HD customers. However, we are hopeful ‘The Space’ will become more widely available across freesat receivers soon.

    Many Thanks,
    The freesat team"

    so must be Panasonic...

  4. response from The Space....

    "Prior to the official launch (i.e. as described using the coloured
    buttons to access the service) The Space provided a 'coming soon'
    placeholder to let viewers know that the service was coming soon.

    This placeholder also provided an engineering view of the soon to be
    live application for testing purposes which did not implement any device
    restriction and was not supported or intended for public use.

    The version of the application which was launched when the service went
    live implemented a white list of devices so only models known to work
    were able to launch The Space.

    This was the same process as the Freeview launch.

    We are aware that some models of Panasonic TV appear to function with
    The Space but are not included in the white list. This decision was made
    by Panasonic. However, there is a software update scheduled by Panasonic
    for release on the 19th July which will enable some TVs to access the
    service - I hope that your TV is amongst these - if not, please let us

    The best thing to do is to check for a software update after 19th and
    try to access The Space again. If this does not resolve your problem
    then unfortunately your model of TV is not likely to be able to access
    The Space but you can still use the service on-line at

    Many thanks,

    Jake @ The Space"

    (no response from Panasonic)

  5. Thanks Snaggled for the updates.

    1. No problem, but doesn't look promising that an update is to be released as nothing is mentioned on

      Panasonic, has not yet responded, which is very dissapointing.

      Will just have to wait and see if an update arrives from Thursday.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Received no update for my TV yesterday, but did receive a response from Panasonic, after querying them about the software update (that was due to be released yesterday) ;-

    "Thank you for your e-mail enquiry expressing an interest in obtaining an update to receive the additional channels now available on Freeview and Freesat.

    Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to provide software upgrades to further enhance the platform used in this range of TVs in the future"

  8. Noticed a few days ago, that the On-screen message had changed, and that The Space appeared to be accessible for the Panasonic G20 - however was greated with "Internet Connection Error: Sorry, there is a problem with the service.Please try again in a few minutes" error message.

    Freesat confirmed this to be The SPACES's problem (never their own !) - "Unfortunately the Space channel is currently down due to a broadcasting issue. We are working hard with the broadcaster to have this resolved very soon."

    Tried last night, and all appears to be working, but a lot of the content 'freezes' during playback !

    (ISP confirmed that there is no problem with my broadband connection, altough just under 4meg)

    I had no problem during the 'trial' access period.


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