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Olympics Radio and TV services now on air!

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The BBC's temporary Olympic radio station is now broadcasting on the BBC National DAB multiplex across the UK on VHF Block 12B and the 24 Olympic TV channels are now appearing on satellite EPGs across the nation, as platform operators rush to get the temporary Olympics TV and radio services on air for the London 2012 games.

Digital Radio
DAB digital radio users should find BBC Radio 5 Live Olympics Extra (BBC R5L Olympics) being added to their line up automatically, although some receivers may need tuning to an existing BBC National Radio station in order to add the service.

BBC Radio 5 Live Olympics Extra is transmiting a 64kbps mono stream on DAB. It is also available online via the RadioPlayer and BBC iPlayer. Certain smartphones will also be able to stream the extra station.

First scheduled programmes start on Wednesday 25th July, when "BBC5LOX" will initally concentrate on coverage of the Olympics Football events. From 10am Saturday 28th July, the station will cover the Olympics live, with an emphasis on events that Team GB are doing well in. Every night during the Olympics, the station will transmit a 30 minute highlights package. Until Wednesday, a preview loop will air.

BBC Radio 5 Live Olympics Extra will not be carried on digital television platforms, such as Sky or Freeview. It is in addition to BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, which will cover non-Olympic sports events during the next few weeks, including Formula 1 practice sessions and Cricket.

During the Olympics, the secondary component service for BBC Radio 4, which carries non-Cricket LW programming on DAB will be off air, due to lack of bandwidth. This particular service would normally also carry "Yesterday in Parliamant" at 8:30am, however Parliament is in recess, therefore only the 09:45 Daily Service slot is affected.

For the next three weeks, other BBC National Radio services will broadcast at reduced bitrates - typically stations previously at 128kbps are now running at 112kbps, but BBC Radio 3's privileged bitrate of 192kbps remains.

Sky and Freesat TV channels
Meanwhile, the 24 HD and SD Olympic channels have now been added to Sky and Freesat EPGs. Some Freesat receivers may not add the extra channels until overnight tonight. was first with the channel numbers for satellite platforms: On Sky you'll find the Olympic channels from 450 onwards, on Freesat channel 151 onwards.

All Olympic channels are ready and waiting to go on Freeview. BBC Parliament will close early Thursday after the Wednesday's final day of proceedings in the House of Lords. From Thursday a caption will be shown on channel 81. Meanwhile, 301 will shortly switch to Olympics mode and 302 comes live with content from Thursday evening. 301 HD on channel 304 will come alive by Wednesday for coverage of the Olympic football.

BBC Olympics Radio station gets ready to launch
The BBC's temporary Olympics station on DAB digital radio is getting ready for next weeks launch, launching a presence on social media and releasing details of its schedule.

Olympics Coverage Guide
Where on which platform you can find the games - includes manual tuning information for the 24 Olympic  channels.
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