Mail Travel TV has launched on Freeview

Daily Mail owner DGMT's new text service has finally launched on Freeview today. Mail Travel TV is an extension of the newspaper's travel brand, which is well established in print and online.

Mail Travel TV screenshot 05/07/2012
Screenshot, Freeview channel 106  05/07/2012

The text service first appeared on Freeview channel 106 at the end of May, and for the past few weeks, basic EPG info has been available on the channel. The service uses capacity on the SDN multiplex, whose frequencies will be available to just over 90% of UK households by the end of the digital switchover.

A very basic service is now live, featuring just four subsections: Beach Holidays, Short Breaks, Cruises and Escorted Tours. It is anticipated to grow in size later this year when Teletext Holidays - also on the same multiplex - moves from Freeview channel 101 to and connected TV apps, creating additional capacity on the SDN multiplex.

Mail Travel TV's slot on channel 106 will not be around for long, it seems. Later this month, the multiplex operators association DMOL is set to report back on a recent consultation reviewing Freeview's channel numbers. DMOL is proposing to move text services to make way for a new HD section between channel 100 and 109.

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