4seven dives in with best of Channel 4

Channel 4's new catch up TV channel has launched. It started at 7pm with a swimming pool ident featuring the "4-7" logo under water, followed by a repeat of a promo for the channel.

Its first programme Supersize v Superskinny was preceded by an announcement referring to a Tweet a viewer had sent in about the programme, stating that the programme was her "dirty secret TV".

Viewer feedback on social media sites will ultimately dictate the ongoing schedule of the channel, with Channel 4 bosses assessing social media buzz and critical acclaim when setting the schedule.

The channel is not available in the Tyne Tees region or in Northern Ireland on Freeview until digital switchover stage two later this year. Elsewhere (except on relays) it's on Freeview channel 47.

On satellite, the channel can be viewed on Freesat channel 127 and Sky channel 140 (where it has replaced 4HD). On cable it's on Virgin Media channel 195.

In addition, the website at www.channel4.com/4seven now points to a portal allowing you to watch the best of Channel 4's programming on demand, rather than waiting for the linear broadcasts on 4seven TV.

For details about the opening night and day's schedule, which started at 7pm with Supersize v Superskinny, please see: http://www.a516digital.com/2012/06/whats-on-4seven-when-it-launches.html

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To look at the presentation of the channel, visit: http://tv-live.org.uk/wp/index.php/channel-4/4seven/4seven-2012-present/ 
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