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Ideal World goes widescreen

   updated 21:14

Shopping channel Ideal World has gone widescreen. The broadcaster is the last UK broadcaster on Freeview to switch to the 16:9 widescreen format. Only Moscow-based Russia Today remains in 4:3.

Widescreen shopping - Ideal World 23/07/2012

The Peterborough-based channel first launched on Freeview on the 23rd April 2004 using a vacant slot on multiplex D, now multiplex Arqiva B.

In addition to Freeview channel 22, the channel is also carried on Freesat 812, Sky 644 and Virgin channel 747. On Freeview, overnight capacity is used for Adult Smile TV2, so Ideal World goes off air between midnight and 5am.

Sister channel Create & Craft is now also showing programmes in widescreen - or incorrectly stretched widescreen. 

How not to do widescreen - low res and stretched...


  1. Welcome to the 21st Century Ideal World Group.

    Only the Russia Today left and with state resources you think they have the equipment


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