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House of Lords Committee: End Terrestrial Television with "Fibre Switchover"

With digital TV switchover in the UK nearing completion, a House of Lords committee has already proposed another type of TV switchover. 

The Lords Communication Committee has concluded in a new report that provisions should be made for all broadcasters including the BBC to transmit their services via broadband and cease terrestrial broadcasting, in a move dubbed "fibre switchover".

The move would free up the UHF TV frequency band for mobile phone usage. Already the 800 MHz segment of the former TV band is being cleared for 4G mobile broadband, and there are proposals to convert the 700 MHz band in the coming decade.

The radical move to ultimately abolish the Freeview digital terrestrial television service was published in a Lords select committee report titled "Broadband for All: An Alternative Vision". 

Realising that such a move would require improvement to the UK's broadband infrastructure, the committee raised concerns about the current roll-out of faster broadband and highlighted potential issues that could increase the gap between broadband provision in urban and rural areas.

The report notes that "most people watch their television in fixed locations from fixed sets. Actually, spectrum's great wonder is its ability for mobility. As such, it might be argued that spectrum's current use for fixed, broadcast purposes is wasteful."

The report acknowleges the increasing role of IPTV to deliver content and concludes with the recommendation that "consideration should be given over time by the Government, Ofcom and the industry as to when and under what conditions fibre switchover would be appropriate and what implications it would have."

Read more:
The House of Lords Communication Committee Report, of note is paragraphs 139 onward. 


  1. Will this be before or after they "milked" the FM & AM wavebands of radio

    Anything to profit the selected few

  2. Another 'cash cow' opportunity :)

  3. Does this mean you would no longer need a TV licence ?Otherwise you would be paying twice ie the broadband + TV.
    So how would the BBC be funded?
    Would the mobile broadband support TV? If not what about the poor people in caravans etc.

  4. TV Licensing just evolve to something else as never expect the Government never allow that source of income to vanish BBC or not.

    could get more strict e.g. France

    Or just a 'Communication Tax' on masse like VAT or by stealth such as Utility Bill as water, electricity and gas to the majority like money, food and air humans can not go without!

  5. Future mobile broadband (LTE) has speeds that way faster than what we get now but it all depends on 'unlimited' or AYCE (all you can eat) being what it should.

    People may end with the speed to stream it but if capped then lack purpose in similar to streaming services like Netflix used to full potential.

    Those in 'fixed accommodation' be it homes and including almost certainly mobile homes in holiday parks likely end with fixed points they have fibre ports to go along with electricity, gas and water points.

    Bring your own cat5 cables, along with multiplug points!


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