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Full-time Food Network starts a day early on Freeview

  • Food Network, Freeview channel 49
  • Arqiva A - post switchover areas (i.e. not Tyne Tees & Ulster TV regions)

Technical changes needed to make Food Network a 24 hour service on Freeview have now been completed by multiplex operator Arqiva.

The channel returned on air at lunchtime, and will now stay on air all the time. Food Network's original press release indicated that the change would occur from the 20th (tomorrow).

Pop-up graphics have been observed on Food Network UK advertising the fact that the service is now available 24 hours a day, but omits the fact that the 24 hour service is not available in all regions yet.

No change in North East England or Northern Ireland
Viewers in pre-switchover regions will continue to receive the channel between 6pm and 10pm, something that has not been acknowledged by the broadcasters or Freeview.

Other changes
Now that Food Network is on a separate stream on the Arqiva A multiplex, Create & Craft -  which used to share a stream with Food Network - will now continue on air until 10pm every night.


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