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DMOL to trial information channel on Freeview to assist navigation

A new data channel has been announced for Freeview HD receivers from 19th September. It will contain information designed to assist viewers in finding services on the digital terrestrial television platform after the forthcoming channel reshuffle.

DTT Multiplex Operators Ltd
According to information published today by digital terrestrial television platform manager DMOL, they will trial an information page on channel 100 which will "set out the order and range of the subsequent genres and can also provide platform information useful to viewers, on re-tune events for example. "

The service would be transmitted on the Freeview HD multiplex, and so could potentially be extended to provide web-delivered content if so desired - although that hasn't been specified by DMOL.

A successful introduction of the service could see Freeview gain a similar service to that already on Freesat channel 999, a service that communicates information regarding the platform, channel numbering, new services and consumer information.

Meanwhile, a suggestion by DMOL to insert "bookends" around each genre, such as the ones preceding and following the adult section, were roundly rejected in responses to the organisation's recent consultation.

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  1. Freesat has an IPTV genre (well, On Demand) bookend, which I think is useful. Freeview could well do with one of these to explain to all of the people exactly which Freeview HD equipment works with those channels. But the information channel is also a good plan.

    The issue is whether or not it is kept up-to-date. The Freesat one in general seems to be all right, but some less publicised changes are missed by the editors, and the articles are kept perhaps a little longer than they should be. It's not bad, but it's not great. I think the Freeview one would be harder as who would write everything? DMOL? They don't seem to always know as much as they should... I wouldn't expect they'd know much about things that don't involve mux/LCN changes, for instance changes in timeshares or activation of placeholders.

  2. DMOL usually do publish details about placeholders, once an LCN is allocated in conjunction. With Digital UK and DMOL under one roof, communication is improving - but does needs to be improved further (like informing viewers in the North East why they can't get 4seven in the line up for example).


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