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DAB improvement for Manchester as Sutton Common transmitter goes on air

Coverage of local DAB services in and around Manchester has been boosted, after a new DAB transmitter went on air this morning at Sutton Common near Macclesfield.  

To mark the occasion, Manchester's Key 103 station operated a separate service on DAB called Key103D for one day only, offering alternative content between 09:00 and 16:00.
The station ran a promotion to win a DAB radio whilst showcasing some of their exclusive sessions with artists including Ed Sheeran and Jessie J.

A quarter of a million people in 100,000 households have now been added to the Manchester DAB multiplex coverage following the transmitter's switch-on, meaning that around 90% of households will be able to receive the full line up of DAB services across all available multiplexes for the first time. 

Manchester's DAB multiplex operates on block 11C on VHF and carries Asian Sound Radio, BBC Radio Manchester, Gold, Heat, Key 103, Kerrang!, Kiss, Magic and Xfm Manchester.

The coverage boost for Manchester is just one of a series of boosts that have, or are taking place this year and early 2013. London's DAB signals were boosted in April, and further boosts are planned around Chesterfield, Liverpool and Wolverhampton. 

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