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BBC Olympics Radio station gets ready to launch

The BBC's temporary Olympics station on DAB digital radio is getting ready for next weeks launch, launching a presence on social media and releasing details of its schedule. 

The station will provide additional coverage alongside BBC Radio 5 Live. Meanwhile BBC Radio 5 Live Sport Extra will continue to air separately with coverage of Cricket and Formula 1 practice sessions, for example.

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According to the BBC, 5 Live Olympics Extra should appear on DAB on Monday 23rd July, ahead of programmes starting from 25th July. It will appear between BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC 5 Live Sports Extra in the A-Z station listings, and most receivers will automatically add the station - at least if tuned to another station on the BBC national DAB multiplex. 

The service will also be available online via the BBC 5 Live Olympics Extra website, via iPlayer, via the RadioPlayer and on some smartphones (not Blackberry's or non-flash Android phones, although if the station appears on the "Tune In" radio app, affected smartphone users can get around this).

In preparation for the "go-live" date, a new schedule page has been launched on the BBC website detailing what sports you can listen to on the station and when.

5 Live Olympics Extra has also set up a presence on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook. The Twitter feed is at @BBC5LOX and the Facebook page at, providing listeners with updates on the schedule.

Initial listings for the station show that it will be repeating highlights from the men's and women's Olympic football tournament on the 25-27th July. Following highlights of the Olympic opening ceremony during the early hours of Saturday 28th, the service will commence live programmes at 10:00am, with Ian Payne introducing the day's action.

Coverage of the men's road race, women's volleyball (GB v Russia), followed by handball, basketball and boxing then follows until midnight.

During the nighttime, the station will repeat the best of the day's events in a half hour highlights package, before resuming live coverage from 10:00am. This patten will be repeated until the 12th August when coverage of the men's basketball gold medal match is scheduled to be the final piece of live coverage before the closing ceremony.

It's final day of transmission on the 13th August will showcase the highlights of the Olympics, before disappearing off our airwaves for good.


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