BBC begins final campaign to get Olympic red button channels in all Freeview households

The BBC has today launched on-screen captions advising viewers to retune to get the extra Red Button Olympic service on channel 302, which will provide additional coverage from the London Olympics every night from 7pm during the games.

A caption now popping up on BBC Freeview channels

Viewers with devices that automatically scan for new channels should have the service already in their line up on channel 302, complete with caption. Freeview HD devices should have also have automatically added channel 302 and HD channel 304 - an HD simulcast of 301 during the games - by now. However there are some internet forum reports that some Freeview HD devices have been retuned to get the extra HD channel, indicating that not all receivers are doing what they should.

Viewers in the South and South East of England, plus London and parts of the Anglia region will have got the extra service on channel 302 when they retuned due to digital switchover.

In addition, 4seven from Channel 4 launches today on channel 47 - so if you have neither 47 or 302, it's high time to retune! Advice on retuning is available at

Tyne Tees and Ulster regions
Ahead of the Olympics, viewers who want CBBC in the Tyne Tees and Ulster regions will need to retune their Freeview boxes in order to get the CBBC placeholder on channel 73. For the duration of the games, CBBC will be available on channel 73 instead of channel 70. The bandwidth usually used for CBBC on channel 70 in these regions will be used to carry a 24 hour version of BBC Three , so CBBC will be transmitting on a different frequency to be accessed via channel 73 before reverting back to channel 70 in August.

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