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Arabic package of channels appears on Freeview-based IPTV service

  • New Arabic channel service on Freeview channel 115 to complement Vision TV Network's European offering on channel 110

"Connect 3" on Freeview channel 115 has turned into a portal to access different Arabic TV stations, delivered via broadband internet to compatible Freeview HD receivers. Viewers entering that portal have reported that it appears to be part of the growing Vision TV Network, that already broadcasts a number of European TV channels on a subscription basis over on channel 110.

On channel 115, under the headings of Al Arabiya, Arabia One and Muslim TV, the service provides access to several major television stations from Dubai (UAE), Egypt and Lebanon. Some channels have not fully launched, and appear as placeholders.

Al Arabiya is a pan-Arab news channel, which is the main competitor to Al Jazeera in the Middle East. 

Arabia One includes a bouquet of channels including: 
  • MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center) - a leading Arabic general interest channel,  
  • Melody Aflam, 
  • Melody Drama, 
  • Melody Hits,
  • Melody Sport, 
  • Dubai TV, 
  • Al Baghdadia -  based in Lebanaon 
  • Al Aan TV - a women's TV channel
  • Moga Comedy - Egyptian comedy channel 
  • LBC Europe - Independent Lebanese channel
  • OTV,
  • Al Jadeed - Lebanon's leading TV channel,
  • Murr TV 

Muslim TV is a bouquet of religious channels from across the Middle East and includes:
  • Al Majd Qur'an,
  • Iqraa English,
  • Iqraa Arabic,
  • Al Majd Hadith,
  • Al Nas Tv - (from Egypt)

No information about subscriptions and pricing have been openly published yet, but more information about the service is anticipated.

The service will offer a convenient alternative to those who speak Arabic and would like to access a large offering of channels from across the Middle East without the need for a larger sized satellite dish aimed at the likes of the "Badr" satellites at 26E.

Most new Freeview HD equipment on sale has the necessary specifications for web-delivered television services. Notably 2012 models of Sony and Panasonic equipment, and the now defunct TVonics boxes from 2011 and 12 can access the Connect TV platform of services delivered from Freeview channel 110 onwards.

Vision TV Network's European service is also available on the Roku platform in the UK, through UK versions of its streaming devices (LT and 2XS). It is not known if the Middle Eastern services will be joining Roku as well.

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