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24 hour BBC Three gets pre-Olympic warm up

Ahead of wall-to-wall Olympic coverage arriving on BBC Three everyday until 11pm from Saturday 28th July, the channel will have a one-day only Olympic free daytime schedule on Friday 27th July.

In effect, once the channel goes on air on Thursday 26th at 6:58pm it will not closedown until the end of the Olympics.

On the terrestrial platform Freeview, BBC Parliamant will close on Thursday 26th to make way for the extension of BBC Three's hours, enabling CBBC to share a slot with the revived BBC Red Button channel 302.

In pre-switchover Tyne Tees and Ulster regions, where BBC standard definition services are still split over two multiplexes, CBBC will broadcast on multiplex B and change to channel 73 to allow BBC Three's expansion. Its original slot on channel 70 on multiplex 1 will display a caption until the end of the Games.

So what does a 24-hour schedule for BBC Three look like? Imagine no further: here's the one-off Olympic free schedule:

FRIDAY 27th JULY 2012
  5:15am The Real Hustle: Celebrity Chancers
  5:45am Total Wipeout
  6:45am FILM: The Magic Roundabout
  8:00am Doctor Who
  9:00am The Real Hustle: Celebrity Chancers
10:00am Great Movie Mistakes
11:00am FILM: First Daughter
12:40pm Doctor Who
  1:40pm Snog, Marry, Avoid?
  2:10pm Don't Tell the Bride
  3:10pm FILM: Revenge of the Bridesmaids
  4:30pm The Real Hustle: Celebrity Chancers
  5:30pm Snog, Marry, Avoid?
  6:00pm Don't Tell the Bride
  7:00pm Top Gear USA (double bill)
  8:30pm FILM: Beverly Hills Chihuahua
10:00pm Russell Howard's Good News (double bill)
11:00pm Family Guy (four episodes)
12:30am American Dad! (four episodes)
  2:00am Russell Howard's Good News (double bill)
  3:00am Little Britain

Olympic coverage finally gets underway during the early hours of Saturday morning with:
  3:30am Olympics Most Amazing Moments
  5:30am Olympic Opening Ceremony
  9:00am Olympics Live Coverage

For the rest of the Olympics, the channel will simulcast live coverage until 11pm with BBC HD.

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