STV HD vanishes off satellite

  updated: 08:58

The HD simulcast service from Scotland's STV channel has vanished off digital satellite.The service was never available on either the Sky or Freesat EPGs, but could be added manually on to receivers.

It was thought that ongoing disputes with fellow Channel 3 licence holder ITV was holding back STV HD's appearance on Sky and Freesat EPGs. STV HD never carried ITV Breakfast - technically a separate Channel 3 licence from 0600-0925 under a timesharing structure dating back to the days of TV-am and there were disputes arising over costs and broadcasting rights.

Some reports state that the loss of STV HD is temporary, due to engineering work by Sky - although this seems to be another bizarre twist in the sub-existence of the Scottish broadcaster's HD output on satellite.

Earlier this year however, ITV, STV and Northern Irish UTV came to an agreement with regards the future of the Channel 3 network, now that ITV plc controls all the regional licences across England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Scottish Borders. STV and UTV would become affilates of ITV under the agreement. Issues regarding the commissioning, cost and distribution of Channel 3 content were covered. The agreement was submitted to Ofcom, but the regulator has since proposed reviewing the Channel 3 licences, possibly re-advertising them ahead of the licences expiry date at the end of 2014.

It is thought that the new agreement would pave the way for both STV HD and UTV HD to appear on the Sky and Freesat EPG later this year.

Meanwhile, STV HD continues on Freeview HD in Central and North Scotland.

  • STV HD was previously available at the 28.2 E position, via manual tuning on the following frequency/parameters: 10.936, V, SR: 22.000, FEC 5/6. Alibi HD has been seen testing on the transponder since STV HD's disappearance.
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