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STV HD is back on satellite

After suddenly vanishing at the end of last week, the HD simulcast of Scotland's channel 3 operator STV has returned on digital satellite.

Technical work had been cited by STV for the reason for the temporary loss in service. STV HD was and is still not available on the EPG on either Freesat or Sky. However, the service is now transmitting in the DVB-S2 standard, so manual tuning on the majority of receivers, including all Sky boxes, is currently not possible.

A deal with fellow Channel 3 operators ITV and UTV looks set to bring both STV HD and UTV HD onto the EPG of Freesat and Sky later this year, as STV and UTV look set to become affilates of ITV rather than minority members of the old ITV/Channel 3 network that is now dominated ITV plc, the result of mergers and acquisitions of all other ITV regions throughout England, Wales and Channel Islands to create one company. Recent changes have been observed on satellite affecting ITV1 HD Granada and this could possibly tie in with ITV HD services being joined by STV and UTV HD services on a transponder in conjunction with a reshuffle of the current ITV1 HD regions on satellite.

The service is available on: 10936V, SR 23000, FEC 8/9, DVB-S2, 3855 - STV HD
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