Sky announce BBC Olympic channel numbers as promotion starts

  updated text: 00:05 19/07/2012

Sky has begun its promotion of the Olympic coverage available on the digital satellite platform, with adverts appearing in the national press. Sky will host the 24 HD and 24 simulcast SD Olympic channels being provided by the BBC.

The advert, as seen in today's edition of the "i" and Independent newspapers, advises that the Olympic channels will be on Sky channels 450-497 from Monday July 23rd. 

The press adverts for the BBC Olympic service on Sky. Click or tap image for full size

The BBC Olympic services start reporting for TV ratings purposes on the 25th July, with coverage of the Olympic Football kick-starting coverage.

Freesat has also published details of its provision of the service. It will offer the services from channel 151-174 on its EPG.

Meanwhile, Freeview HD viewers will have access to BBC "Olympic" Red Button 301 in SD (on channel 301) or HD (on channel 304), plus BBC "Olympic" Red Button 302 every night from 7pm on 302 (SD only). Connected TV users with the BBC Sport app will be able to access the full 24 channels (aka streams) via a broadband connection to the TV.

The BBC originally announced that it would offer these 24 streams of content via its website - which it is still doing. Earlier this year it offered the streams to digital platform operators. There was immediate interest, and Sky offered to carry the services on satellite (but had to offer this extra BBC content free to air, so no Sky subscription required to view it). Freesat confirmed that it would offer the channels hosted by Sky on its EPG and red button functions. Virgin Media also agreed to take the BBC's offer up. On Freeview, capacity is limited, so the BBC has temporarily utilised a spare slot on the Freeview HD multiplex and will take BBC Parliament off air on Freeview for two weeks to shoehorn some of the additional content from the Olympics channels onto the platform.
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