Radio boost for the weekend in Norfolk

  updated 10:44

As confirmed on Twitter (@Tacolneston) last night, listeners to radio stations broadcasting from the Tacolneston transmitter in Norfolk will be able to benefit from a signal boost in the direction of Norwich and North Norfolk during this weekend. 

Services are being transmitted northwards from the mast at four times the power that has been used in recent years.

Extensive engineering work has been taking place at the transmitter site affecting the VHF antenna. Earlier this week, a fault with the antenna led to a significant reduction in signal strength for BBC Radios 1-4 and Classic FM across the whole coverage area of Tacolneston.

Signals have been restored to their usual power levels in time for the weekend, with the exception of areas to the north of the mast, which can enjoy the forementioned additional boost.

The current signal boost in the direction of Norwich and North Norfolk will be temporary, though. On Monday, enginering work will recommence at the site and services will then operate at reduced power.

Digital TV from the site continues as normal.
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