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Last day of analogue in the South East

  updated: 22:30

  • Last remaining analogue services to go off air in Kent.
  • Frequency change in East Sussex delayed until later in the day.

It's the last day of BBC One, ITV1 and Channel 4 and BBC teletext service Ceefax on analogue in Kent.

Digital switchover completes tomorrow across the South East following the end of analogue transmissions just after midnight tonight at the Bluebell Hill and Dover transmitter groups. "Imagine: Theatre of War" will be the last programme transmitted on BBC One analogue in the region, ending at 00:05. Meridian, now a subsidary of ITV plc, will end its nearly 20 year stint on analogue frequencies across the South of England.

All digital terrestrial services will be off air for a while overnight while engineering work takes place at the transmitter sites.

All Freeview services should be up and running from the main Bluebell Hill and Dover sites by 6am, after which viewers can retune.

Due to digital services operating at very low power in the past, to avoid interference, tomorrow will be the first time that many households will be able to receive Freeview - and without a booster...

Freeview HD services will also launch tomorrow across Kent - just in time for the Olympics.

Meanwhile, the latest information from Digital UK now suggests that the frequency change at Heathfield and Tunbridge Wells transmitters will now take place between 0900-1500.
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