In Brief: On and off... RTE on 252LW

Irish public broadcaster RTE's Long Wave transmissions have been on and off during the past two days. The service, which broadcasts RTE Radio 1 on 252 kHz, famously the old Atlantic 252 frequency, to Irish expats across the UK, first went off air yesterday (25th) at 1430. It resumed transmission in the evening, only to go off air this afternoon at around 1330.

RTE's engineering division RTENL have confirmed engineering work is taking place at the Summerhill LW transmitter.

Digital versions of the station via digital satellite, cable and the internet are unaffected. The lack of any major response across the UK indicates that there probably aren't many listeners left on Long Wave. This echos a similar case back in May, when one Saturday, Radio 4 LW from Droitwich fell off the air for over six hours, yet was only noticed by relatively few.
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