Channel 4 to offer online simulcast of its main channels

Channel 4 has announced that it will simulcast all of its main channels online, in a move replicating the BBC and ITV, who already offer all of their TV channels live online to UK viewers. Channel 4 originally launched a live streaming service in 2006, but in recent years, only limited live streaming has been available online, with its digital offshoots missing out.

Channel 4, More 4, E4, Film4 and forthcoming new channel 4seven will be offered via

Currently, a limited "watch live" service , which requires users to pre-register, is available on the website offering viewers the chance to watch selected programmes at the same time as they are broadcast on linear broadcast television, however there are many gaps in the "watch live" schedule. The full simulcast will offer a quality web feed of each channel 24/7. Channel 4 originally offered a live simulcast service of its main channel only between 2006 and 2008.

According to a report in this week's Broadcast magazine, the service is expected to go live in the next month, but viewers will see advertising when they first start up the streams, and will be able to register to receive recommendations and extra content. Unlike the current limited "watch live" service, registration will not be mandatory.

Channel 4 is relying on more user data to understand its viewers. New catch-up channel 4seven will harness viewer stats and social media activity to produce its schedule. Advertisers, ever keen to offer targeted advertising have welcomed the concept of the new channel.
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