4seven prepares for 4/7 launch

Channel 4's new offshoot station 4seven is now just hours away from launching. The new service will showcase some of Channel 4's popular programmes for up to 20 hours a day from around 9am every morning right through until 5am. 

The channel will be available in post-switchover regions on Freeview channel 47 (so not in Northern Ireland or in the Tyne Tees region), across the UK on Sky channel 140 and also on Freesat channel 127 plus on Virgin Media channel 195.

(c) Channel 4 via YouTube

Launching at 7pm tonight, with another chance to see Channel 4 show Supersize v Superskinny, the channel will, once fully up and running, have daily timeslots at 8pm and 10pm dedicated to showing Channel 4 programmes that have received the most critical aclaim and social media buzz from viewers. The programmes at 8pm and 10pm will be introduced by viewer's comments about the programme - both positive and negative.

At 9pm, the channel will show whatever was on Channel 4 24 hours earlier.

Critics have dismissed the channel as yet another repeats channel, but advertisers were said to be keen on the idea when it was floated under the "project shuffle" name during the Winter.

Channel 4 temporarily launched More4+2 on Sky to bag a precious Sky SD EPG slot in advance and sought a digital terrestrial licence for More4+2 in order to bring it on Freeview, in the event of needed to secure a slot. In the end, Channel 4 was able to secure channel 47 and bring the channel to launch within three months of the channel slot being given over to 4seven.

4seven will also join the rest of the Channel 4 family of channels (excluding joint venture 4Music) on Channel4.com's new live channel streaming service, which is due to start shortly.

What's on 4seven when it launches?
See the first set of schedules for the channel: http://a516.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/whats-on-4seven-when-it-launches.html

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