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1920x1080 HD has arrived on Freeview ahead of "summer of HD sport"

   last updated: 17:12

Here's something other than the Jubilee to celebrate: the resolution of all Freeview HD channels has now been increased to 1920x1080, an increase from the 1440x1080 resolution previously used on Freeview HD, apart from BBC HD during events with 3D coverage.

The resolution increase comes ahead of a busy few months of live events to be covered by the channels on the Freeview HD platform and just hours before Freeview's "summer of HD sport" campaign starts with its first advert on ITV1 tonight.

Watch the Freeview HD summer of sport" advert from YouTube (video (c) DTV services Ltd 2012) 

Starting tomorrow, special events commemorating the Diamond Jubilee will air in HD from the BBC and ITV's HD channels, plus there's French Open tennis coverage on ITV1 HD. Next Friday sees the first matches of Euro 2012 in HD on BBC One HD and ITV1 HD. Later this month, there's full HD coverage of Royal Ascot and then tennis from Wimbledon on BBC One HD and BBC HD. July brings Olympic coverage on BBC One HD, BBC HD and BBC Red Button 304 HD. At the end of August, the Paralympics will air on Channel 4 HD.

1920x1080 HD comes to Freeview

The changes also come on the day that technical work took place to bring the fifth stream on the Freeview HD multiplex into life in preparation for extra HD red button coverage during the Olympics.

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