A step closer to more ITV1 regions on Freesat

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More free-to-air ITV1 regions via satellite are coming soon, following a satellite change for some of ITV1 regional services.

Remaining ITV services still on Astra 2A have closed today. As these services were transmitted on a pan-European widebeam, the services needed to be encrypted. Consequently, some ITV1 regions such as ITV1 Meridian North, Anglia West and Yorkshire East were only available to viewers with a Sky box and either a Sky subscription or 'freesat from Sky' card.

These services are now being transmitted from the Astra 1N satellite, which is already home to other free-to-air ITV regions alongside the BBC Nations and Regions. Despite the move, the encryption on the affected ITV regions has not yet been lifted, but it is anticipated that the regions will soon become free-to-air like the other regions and Freesat viewers will, for the first time, be able to receive the same regional versions of ITV1 as Sky viewers do.

Freesat viewers have traditionally had the most awkward set up of ITV regions - so that some Freesatters have got three different regional versions of ITV. One version for ITV1, another for ITV1+1, and yet another for ITV1 HD, due to the reduced number of ITV regions being free-to-air. Today's move will at least mean the correct ITV1 sub-region and ITV1+1 main region will shortly be available on Freesat.

  • New ITV transponder on Astra 1N: 10.994 H, 22.000, 5/6.
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