Mail Travel TV: Another service coming soon to Freeview

Mail Travel TV has joined the club of services launching on Freeview at "some point in the future".

A placeholder and coming soon caption for the service has appeared on Freeview channel 106, via multiplex A/SDN across the UK. No official information about the service is yet available; it is assumed it is going to operated by DMGT [Daily Mail General Trust], who operate services under the "Mail Travel" brand and who were originally linked with the Teletext Holidays service prior to a management buy-out. Mail Travel TV will be a text based service, similar to other text services from Freeview 101 onward.

Channel 106 has been vacant since the departure of the DirectGov text service a few years back, but is only a temporary allocation, as services in this channel range are due to be moved in the autumn as part of a reshuffle of the channel numbers on digital terrestrial television. Channels 101-109 are earmarked for Freeview HD channels from the autumn.

Mail Travel TV joins TV News and TV Stars on channels 90 and 62 with "coming soon" captions and no definite launch dates, unlike 4seven which will launch on 4th July. Mail Travel's EPG is filled with "coming soon" for the next seven days.

  • a516_digital will report back when more about the new service is announced.
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