Switchover is underway (12:30am update)

Digital switchover is now underway in the London TV region. BBC One viewers heard a special announcement at the end of "The Estate" - the last programme on BBC analogue in the Capital. Channel 4 marked the end of analogue broadcasting with an old IBA testcard.

Also tonight,  there are frequency changes taking place along the South Coast. Work is also taking place at the Hannington transmitter serving Berkshire and North Hampshire to improve coverage around Farnborough.

In London, Freeview services will be affected between now and 6am. Later for viewers receiving from a relay. Once the new services are up and running, signal tests will be conducted. Thereafter, it is safe to retune. 

The break in services between the end of analogue and the morning is due to engineering work which will involve taking the old analogue transmitters out of service followed by re-routing services to the new digital transmitting antenna at the top of the mast and starting up the new high-powered digital services from transmitter equipment located at Crystal Palace. Power needs to be cut while this work takes place. At some relay sites, it will require an engineer to visit the site and make the necessary adjustments locally, which can only be done after the main transmitter at Crystal Palace is live.

Viewers along the South Coast receiving from Rowridge will need to retune to continue receiving some Freeview channels. More information can be found on this previous article published on this site.

Hannington services across Berkshire and Hampshire are also likely to face interruptions, particularly commercial TV services due to some services moving to the new digital antenna at the top of the mast. This will improve coverage in some areas. More details here.

In addition, there is a "yellow alert" possibility of a short break in service at Stockland Hill transmitter in East Devon, as a knock-on effect of events at the Rowridge and Crystal Palace transmitters.

SWITCHOVER NOW COMPLETE IN LONDON: Updated article click here.
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