Switchover completed in London (update)

updated 19:11

The testcard that heralded the end of Channel 4 on analogue in London

Freeview and Digital UK have confirmed that switchover has been completed, although @FreeviewTV was a bit premature as a couple of Freeview Lite (reduced service) relays had not been completed when it sent out the message. 

Otford was the last relay to be brought into the digital age, slightly later than originally scheduled at 17:15.

Services are now being transmitted at full power on new frequencies - so a retune and possibly removal of boosters (where they were installed to enhance digital reception) is required.

Viewers who cannot access services may need to do a factory reset or first time installation to start from a clean slate. A manual retune may be required and Digital UK is offering extra assistance today.

Arqiva's Crystal Palace lightshow
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  1. Welcome London to the party.

    Hope the majority got Freeview HD boxes.


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