Final full day of analogue television in London


It's Tuesday 17th April 2012 - the last full day of analogue television in London has arrived.

Shortly after midnight into Wednesday 18th, analogue versions of BBC One London, ITV1 London and Channel 4 will cease transmissions from Crystal Palace transmitter and its relays. Analogue Channel 5 from Croydon transmitter is scheduled to go off air by 9am tomorrow.

It's also the last day of Ceefax in London, on air since the 1970s. Subtitles - previously delivered on page 888 - will be available either via the menu of the digital TV or box or by pressing a "subtitles" button on the remote control.

Breaks in service
During the overnight period between midnight and 6am on Wednesday 18th April, there will be disruption to services via terrestrial television in London. Full digital service is expected by no later than 6am at main transmitter sites, but later in the day for viewers receiving from a minor relay transmitter. This is due to engineering work which will involve taking the old analogue transmitters out of service followed by re-routing services to the new digital transmitting antenna at the top of the mast and starting up the new high-powered digital services from transmitter equipment located at Crystal Palace. Power needs to be cut while this work takes place. At some relay sites, it will require an engineer to visit the site and make the necessary adjustments locally, which can only be done after the main transmitter at Crystal Palace is live.

Services, excluding the BBC channels which switched a fortnight ago, will commence transmissions on new frequencies when the work is completed.

Therefore, Freeview TVs and boxes need to be retuned after the neccessary engineering work at the transmitter is completed. Full power service will commence after signal tests have been conducted.

Freeview HD
Freeview HD, consisting of BBC One HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD London and Channel 4 HD will be available from all transmitters in London from Wednesday 18th. The multiplex carrying the HD channels will move to a new frequency, therefore a retune will be necessary. Details of UHF channel numbers for manual tuning purposes can be found at

A full expected timeline is located in the special London switchover section of this site at:

Analogue television will continue until June in Kent, September in the North East and October in Northern Ireland, when the province joins the Republic of Ireland in finally switching off the analogue signal.
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  1. Hopefully the people who get an Freeview SD box is a minority this year.

    Anyone that needs a box replaced or due an DSO should get an Freeview HD one and not waste getting a cheap but about to extinct DVB-T box.

    No requirement to have a HD TV if that what puts them off


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