DMOL confirms minor reshuffle of Freeview channels - on the 16th April 2012

DMOL, the organsation responsible for the channel number system on digital terrestrial television in the UK, of which Freeview stations make up the bulk of services, has today confirmed that there will be a minor reshuffle of channels on the platform on Monday 16th April. This is two days earlier than first indicated.

  • Adult channels will be brought together in one block in the "LCN 91 to 100 range",
  • Channel M in Manchester will move to channel 75. 

In a statement on its website, DMOL said: 
These two changes are an interim solution intended to keep channel changes to a minimum consistent with meeting Ofcom's immediate concern to ensure that there is a clearly signposted single block of adult content after all the television services. 

Changes to the channel numbering system are expected to occur between 10am and 4pm on Monday, so that anyone wishing to retune can do so by teatime.

DMOL is currently consulting on a wholesale change to the channel numbering system, so that the changes will be interim ones until a major reshuffle of channels occurs in the Autumn.

London and South Coast
The timing of the retune means that viewers in  the London TV region and along the South Coast receiving from Rowridge transmitter can hold off doing the retune for another two days until Wednesday 18th April. In both these areas, a retune will be required on Wednesday anyway due to frequency changes. In London, the changes are due to stage 2 of digital switchover. 

Some auto-scanning receivers in London and South Coast may automatically shuffle the channels around on Monday, but for those receivers that don't, a manually instigated retune can be left until Wednesday. Changes to the Freeview channel line-up made on Monday would be picked up on Wednesday when a retune has to be done anyway - bearing in mind that no major TV station is affected by the channel numbering changes.

Viewers who haven't retuned for a while, and who do not have automatic scanning devices that add new channels as they come, will also see 4seven (47), TV Stars (62) and TV News (90) added to the line up (excluding viewers on minor relay transmitters).

Channels in bold are also available on relay transmitters. Darker highlighted zones highlight where the changes are proposed.  

001 BBC One
002 BBC Two
003 ITV1 (Scotland, except Borders: STV, Northern Ireland: UTV)
004 Channel 4 (Wales: S4C)
005 Channel 5
006 ITV2
007 BBC Three
008 * Wales: Channel 4, Scotland: BBC Alba, elsewhere: no service
009 BBC Four
010 ITV3 (via relays in Channel Islands only)
011 Pick TV
012 Yesterday
013 Channel 4+1
014 More 4
015 Film 4
016 QVC
017 GOLD (Top Up TV)
018 4 Music
019 Dave
020 Really
021 VIVA
022 Ideal World
023 Bid TV
024 ITV4
025 Dave Ja Vu (0200-0400)
026 Home (Top Up TV)
027 ITV2+1
028 E4 (main transmitters only in Wales)
029 E4+1
030 5*
031 5 USA
032 Big Deal
033 ITV1+1 (or STV+1, UTV+1)
034 ESPN (BT Vision and Top Up TV)
035 QVC Beauty (0800-1300)
036 Create & Craft (0600-1800)
037 Price Drop TV (0800-0000)
038 Quest
039 The Zone (1800-0600)
040 Rocks & Co (1300-1800)
041 Sky Sports 1 (BT Vision and Top Up TV)
042 Sky Sports 2 (BT Vision and Top Up TV)
043 Gems TV
044 Channel 5+1
046 Challenge
047 4seven
049 Food Network UK (1800-2200)
050 BBC One HD (DVB-T2 tuners only)
051 ITV1 HD (or STV HD) (DVB-T2 tuners only)
052 Channel 4 HD (not Wales) (DVB-T2 tuners only)
053 S4C Clirlun (Wales only) (DVB-T2 tuners only)
054 BBC HD (DVB-T2 tuners only)
060 The Jewellery Channel (1200-0000)
062 TV Stars (caption) Post switchover regions only
070 CBBC (0530-1858)
071 CBeebies (0530-1858)
072 CITV (0600-1800)
080 BBC News Channel
081 BBC Parliament
082 Sky News
085 Russia Today
087 Community (0500-0800)
089 Al Jazeera English (1800-2300)
090 TV News (caption) Post switchover regions only
091 Adult Section
092 TV X
093 Smile TV2
094 Smile TV3
095 Babestn
096 Party
097 Blue
098 Babestn2
099 PlayboyTVChat
100 Adult Section
101 Teletext Holidays
102 Rabbit
103 Gayrabbit
104 121 dating
105 BBC Red Button
108 Sky / Challenge Text
110 Vision TV Network (IPTV) [bouquet of international channels, part pay, part free]
111 CCTV (IPTV) [Chinese channels, consisting of CCTV News, CCTV4, and CCTV9]
112 Sports (IPTV) [Sports Tonight IPTV service]
113 Connect 1 (IPTV) [awaiting service launch]
114 Connect 2 (IPTV) [awaiting service launch]
115 Connect 3 (IPTV) [awaiting service launch]
116 Racing UK (IPTV) [Horse Racing, subscription]
301 BBC Red Button
306 Channel Zero
307 Top Up Anytime 1
300 Top Up Anytime 3
310 Top Up Anytime 5
311 Top Up Anytime 6
700 BBC Radio 1
701 BBC Radio 1Xtra
702 BBC Radio 2
703 BBC Radio 3
704 BBC Radio 4
705 BBC Radio 5 Live
706 BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
707 BBC Radio 6 Music
708 BBC Radio 4 extra
709 BBC Asian Network
710 BBC World Service
711 The Hits
712 Smash Hits
713 Kiss
714 Heat
715 Magic
716 Q
718 Smooth Radio
719 BBC Radio Scotland/Wales/Ulster (in England no service)
720 BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal/Cymru/Foyle (in England no service)
722 Kerrang!
723 TalkSport
724 Capital
725 Premier
726 U105 (N Ireland only)
727 Absolute Radio
728 Heart

updated 19:19, 12/04/2012

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A minor, temporary reorganisation of local and adult TV channels on Freeview is planned to take place simultaneously with stage 2 of digital switchover in the London region on 18th April, according to documents released today by Freeview EPG controller, DMOL.

Today saw the publication of the second phase of a consultation on the channel numbering system on Digital Terrestrial Television, predominately used by Freeview services. The first phase took place last year.
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  1. It is abit more organised down there.

    In England it seems 8 will continue to be neglect considering the situation of the closure of the Manchester Local TV Channel (Channel M) and local TV (700Mhz clearence recommending)

    193 and 194 have stayed like 795 status (retune placeholders)

    Its likely local TV now for the Autumn reorganisaton will not come plus future local TV put on the back burner so it might be best that 8 farmed out national and local TV in Scotland moved elsewhere (e.g. after BBC News Channel? similar to the past S4C2). Channel 4 in Wales to the first available free slot or on an LCN of a channel that Wales can't get!

    Sooner Youview comes we find out TUTV next move but they flogging its dead horse in its current state so in time that free up clutter and in case of Gold and Home premium LCN slot space!


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