Changes to minor services on Freeview today

There have been some minor changes to minor services on the digital terrestrial television platform Freeview today in post switchover regions only.

Shopping and Psychic channel Big Deal on channel 32 is currently on air 24 hours a day in post-switchover areas, after previously going off air for five hours every evening between 6pm and 11pm. The operators of Big Deal mop up excess capacity on the Arqiva multiplexes and offer it to third party content providers such as The Jewellery Channel and Psychic TV. Channel hours and slots on Big Deal vary from month to month, depending on short term contracts and demand from the multiplex operators. Post and pre switchover hours vary, with pre switchover regions only seeing programmes at night, and via a different multiplex.

Big Deal previously used to house a premium rate quiz show of the same name every night, before numerous scandals relating to premium rate participation TV shows brought an end to telephone quiz channels.

A placeholder caption for C4 shuffle channel 4seven has appeared on the same multiplex, and its possible some of the Big Deal capacity may be used for 4seven when it launches, given the transient nature of the Big Deal service on Freeview. See the full story here.

Also in post switchover areas, the extended hours for Rocks & Co appear to have ended as suddenly as they started, with the evening hours replaced by a generic caption. The changes to the broadcast times have been confirmed on Rocks & Co's website. Rocks & Co previously was available from 13:00 to 18:00 in pre switchover areas, but also during the evening until 23:00 in post-switchover areas.
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