3D: Anyone interested? Freeview survey says "we'd rather have more catch up TV"

Audience research commissioned by Freeview has questioned the appetite of the British public in receiving services in 3D.

Although certain events at the Olympics are to be offered in 3D on the BBC HD channel on Freeview, it may not be that popular. 3DTV ranked only sixth out of eight different new technologies in terms of popularity in the survey of 2,000 viewers, appealing to just 19% of respondents.

However, viewers in the survey wanted to see more catch up TV. The BBC iPlayer ranked at the top of the list (62% of the respondents liked this) with the backward EPG that has been recently permitted as a standard by the Digital TV Group, for the benefit of catch up services like the proposed YouView service, coming in at 51%.

Doing worse than 3D in the survey were mobile TV services and smartphone apps. Only 12% liked the idea of mobile TV, just 6% of Freeview viewers surveyed were interested in smartphone/tablet apps that compliment TV services. Both of these services are currently used by Sky as a major selling point.

The findings on 3D TV differ from that of Sky, who said that viewer satisfaction with 3D has "gone through the roof". This might be explained by the fact viewers who want to be at the forefront of technology, and who are prepared to be early adopters of new services, are more likely to be with Sky, rather than Freeview. And this may be true of mobile TV and smartphone/tablet apps.
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  1. There is priority lists that more SD (be it quality or quanity) and HD prior to suiting the minority particular on a platform of limited resources as 3D needs around 2 HD channels of space while losing a HD channel choice for the duration to display it.

    This 3D game will be consigned to the dust bin on the service once BBC HD changes to BBC Two HD and the space that was marked for Five HD goes to a new suitor(s) (E4 and Film4 for example rumoured as HD timeshare bid) as there not be the space to trial it

  2. People want more catchup TV?

    Youview likely be there saviors as it is a connected TV device so the catch up services can be web based.

    But until then the +1 channels where available is a great way if not using the catchup on demand services and a number of channels lineup do favor the catchup type of person such as BBC Three which show most content later that night!

    Once something like Youview comes it be better use of resources to ditch the +1 channels to something abit more unqiue on the service plus channels can decide do they really need to rerun as often considering catchup services tend to be at least 7 days on demand

  3. Where was this survey? General public type thing or a poll on their website?

    If it's the general public, I think 19% is pretty good for 3D. If 19% of the TV-watching population get 3D TVs and watch BBC 3D in the future I think it should be classed as a success.

    I don't expect all viewing to switch to 3D as we know it currently, but I'd appreciate it if those who want to watch it can.

    I personally would like to watch it but am put off by the current lack of content and comparative expense of TVs (and a Sky subscription for more content ;)).

  4. Hi. It was an officially commissioned survey for Freeview.


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