West Sussex's Midhurst transmitter gets ready for final stage of the Digital Switchover

This article includes updated trade postcode database information regarding Midhurst, published by Digital UK on the 29th February 2012.

Digital switchover in most of West Sussex (excluding areas close to the South Coast), plus pockets of Hampshire and Surrey will complete this coming week. The Midhurst transmitter group will have analogue services taken off the air for good just after midnight on Wednesday 14th March 2012.

During the early hours of the 14th March, there will be a period of time when all digital television services from the transmitter will be off air. Once the analogue services are switched off, engineering work takes place at the transmitter where the digital services are taken off air, new equipment is powered up and digital services resume on new frequencies, some of which include the former analogue frequencies. Although the BBC's digital services moved frequencies at stage 1 on the 29th February, these services need to be off air for a short while while work takes place inside the transmitter building.

By 6am, all terrestrial television services will be back on air. Relays will come on air later. Freeview boxes and TVs will need to be retuned, so that the equipment can store the channels in on their new frequencies. 4 HD services will be available for the first time, providing certified Freeview HD equipment is being used.

Viewers south of the Downs in West Sussex are undergoing a separate switchover process, which will conclude a week later. Satellite and cable viewers are unaffected, providing they do not have any televisions fed by a normal TV aerial.

Frequently asked questions about the digital switchover can now be found on a special dedicated page on this site: http://a516.blogspot.com/p/switchover-faq.html

UHF channel numbers to be used by the Midhurst transmitter
Information about the following:
Digital Terrestrial Television is transmitted via six multiplexes. Each multiplex operates on a different frequency on the UHF band. 8 MHz segments of the UHF band are classed as a "UHF channel".

Ahead of switchover, the multiplexes are called Multiplex 1,2, A, B, C and D

After switchover, the multiplexes are called BBC-A/PSB1, D3&4/PSB2, BBC-B/PSB3 and SDN/Com4, ArqA/Com5 and Arq B/Com6.

The first three multiplexes are Public Service Broadcasters' Multiplexes and are also transmitted on all relay stations. BBC-B/PSB3 is the Freeview HD multiplex and the following UHF channel information for the BBC-B multiplex is only relevant to receivers with an inbuilt DVB-T2 tuner for Freeview HD.

Pluses and Minuses (+/-) denote on offset from the core UHF channel frequency. If using the following for manual retuning, the offsets are usually not required. Just enter the numbers.

  • Analogue TV UHF Channels: (in order BBC1, ITV1, C4): 61, 58, 68
  • Digital TV UHF Channels (in order PSB Mux BBC-A, Mux2, MuxB // COM Mux A, C, D): 55, 65+, 59+ // 62+, 64-, 60+
  • ERP (digital): 25kW for BBC-A, otherwise existing powers maintained.

Switchover second stage 14th March 2012. Shortly after midnight, all remaining analogue services cease. By 6am all digital multiplexes live. Launch of Freeview HD on Mux BBC-B in DVB-T2.

  • Analogue TV UHF Channels: None
  • Digital TV UHF Channels (in order BBCA, D3&4, BBCB, SDN, ARQ-A, ARQ-B): 55, 61, 58, 62, 59, 50
  • ERP: PSB 20kW, COM 10kW,except Arqiva B, which remains at 1kW until 25 April 2012 (revised information from Digital UK, published 29th Feb 2012. Households receiving from Midhurst who can't receive Film4, ITV4, Ideal World, VIVA etc but can get Sky News and Dave should retune on 25 April to gain access to these services.)

#### Late Retune Event: October 2012 (exact day not yet published): Retunes due to 800 MHz / 4G clearance: D3&4 moves from UHF channel 61 to UHF channel 56. SDN moves to UHF channel 54. There’s no change to Arqiva B on UHF channel 50, because SDN moves from 62 to 54 instead of 50, in a slight departure from the regular 800 MHz clearance programme.

UHF Channels from October 2012: BBC-A 55, D3&4 56, BBC-B (HD) 58, SDN 54, Arq A 59, Arq B 50

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  1. "Digital switchover in most of West Sussex (excluding areas close to the South Coast)"

    Don't forget the north-east chunk of West Sussex that gets its signals from Crystal Palace!