ITV1+1: additional regions go live

ITV has launched four new versions of its timeshift channel ITV1+1, bringing regional versions on air for the Tyne Tees, Anglia, West and Westcountry regions. Apart from ITV1 Channel and ITV1 Border, there is now a +1 version representative of every ITV plc region. 

Where regions are split into sub or micro regions, the +1 service will usually carry the +1 service for the biggest of the micro regions, normally the sub region where the ITV regional studios are located, so for example ITV+1 Central will carry ITV1 Central West, as this is the biggest of the Central sub-regions and Birmingham is where the regional news studios are based.

ITV Border has been merged with ITV Tyne Tees (Newcastle) on the primary ITV channel and with Granada (Manchester) for ITV1+1 and ITV1 HD. Depending on the outcome of the 2014 Channel 3 network licensing round and the Scottish devolution referendum, ITV1 Border could be split, with the English side (Cumbria) going to Granada and the Scottish side of the Borders becoming part of STV, the Channel 3 licensee in Central and Northern Scotland.

It is from a population point of view, the second smallest ITV region after ITV1 Channel, which also does not have a timeshift region at all - viewers in the Channel Islands on Freeview do not have ITV1+1 in their line up; however ITV3 is transmitted alongside ITV1 Channel using the capacity that would have been used for ITV1+1, albeit on different Freeview channel numbers.
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