When switchover goes well... Hannington completes switchover with no more faults

Following the faults that dogged the first stage of switchover at the Hannington transmitter, serving Berkshire and N Hampshire, the second stage followed smoothly, and reports from the area suggested that services were already up and running by 5:00am. Relays that form the Hannington transmitter group were completed later in the day. 

Hannington transmitter group is the first transmitter group in the original ITV Meridian region to undergo switchover.

UHF Channels for manual tuning
From today, the broadcast UHF channels and Effective Radiated Power (ERP) for the six digital multiplexes at Hannington are:
  • (in order BBCA, D3&4, BBCB, SDN, ARQ-A, ARQ-B): 45, 42, 39+, 41, 44, 47.
  • ERP: PSB 50kW, COM 25kW.
BBC-B is the Freeview HD multiplex and can only be viewed on receivers with DVB-T2 tuners. The + sign indicates an offset. However, when using the above information for manual tuning, just use the number and ignore the +.

Until digital switchover in London in April, the commercial multiplexes SDN, Arqiva A and Arqiva B remain subject to directional restrictions from Hannington in the direction of Guildford, due to Guildford using the same frequencies until its digital switchover as part of the London region. This means that some Freeview viewers in Hannington's coverage area - especially areas between Hannington and London will not receive the full range of Freeview services until London switchover in April.

London overlap
Three of the digital multiplexes from the Hannington transmitter may already be picked up into parts of London. This may result in BBC One South and ITV1 Meridian appearing in the channel line up, if a London based receiver is retuned or set up for the first time. Duplicated channels (i.e. where more than one regional variation is received) often end up in the 800s on Freeview receivers.

There are currently no variants of BBC One HD in the regions, however the ITV1 HD service has limited variants, based on macro regions, that is a combination of more than one ITV region to form a large region for advertising purposes (in this instance, so advertisers can book specific adverts for the whole of southern and eastern England in one go) The service transmitted from Hannington is ITV1 HD Meridian Macro, which is transmits the Anglia/Meridian macro region advertising and local news from the ITV micro region serving Kent. (see www.itvmedia.com for maps showing ITV micro and macro regions).

There are less ITV1 HD regions than ITV1 SD regions at the moment, so as the ITV1 HD Meridian Macro service covers both the Anglia and Meridian regions, ITV have seen fit to use the Kent micro region, as it is almost halfway along the coast between Weymouth and Norfolk - the area served by this macro advertising region. 
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