Technical changes in ITV Tyne Tees region

Satellite - Freesat & Sky. 

ITV is closing the Tyne Tees South region on satellite. Sky+ users will have to reset their recordings on ITV1 Tyne Tees as the new service will point to a new source or 'PID' on satellite. Sky and Freesat receivers set to receive the ITV Tyne Tees service will be automatically pointed to the new source on 20th February 2012. This will be followed by the introduction of a timeshift version of ITV1 Tyne Tees on 1st March, replacing the current ITV1+1 Yorkshire service being broadcast in the North East of England.

Classic Tyne Tees logo, as seen in various forms on the channel until the shortlived rebranding to "Channel 3 North East" in the 1990s. The Tyne Tees branding was dropped in 2002 following the recent creation of ITV PLC and the national ITV1 brand.

In an unusual move, Sky has issued special postcodes to households in the North East advising them to reset their recordings on ITV1 Tyne Tees. This is the latest move by ITV, who are currently consolidating minor micro regions that no longer carry regional adverts or news, including Anglia South / Suffolk (merging with Anglia North / Norfolk). 

The reduction of the number of versions of ITV1 on satellite will create capacity to launch new versions of the ITV1 timeshift channel ITV1+1. Currently this channel is based on advertising "macro regions", which combines smaller ITV regions into a big group of regions, resulting in some regions with strong local identities not receiving their dedicated news service on the timeshift version. Apart from a new version of ITV1+1 for Tyne Tees viewers, the ITV1+1 service in the Westcountry (SW England) will split from ITV1+1 Wales on or near 1st March.

ITV1+1 Freeview
The additional ITV1+1 regions are expected to become available on the terrestrial service Freeview at the same time. Freeview is already set up for regionalised ITV1+1 services, but ITV would want to offer the same variants of ITV1+1 on all platforms, as far as possible.

Tyne Tees regions
Originally, Tyne Tees broadcast separate advertising and news in the "Tees" and "Tyne" sections of the region. With the overhaul of regional news on ITV a few years back, Tyne Tees and Border regions were given a joint news programme. The south sub opt-out within the Tyne Tees region disappeared in 2007, ahead of the Tyne Tees/Border merger, but a facility to transmit separate advertising to the south of the region based around Darlington, Middlesborough and North Yorkshire remained. Part of the current regional programme is regionalised between Border and Tyne Tees, but ultimately it is the same programme - but carefully edited so that the programme goes out as "Lookaround" in the Border region and "North East Today/Tonight" in the Tyne Tees region.

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