ITV2 and 3 arrive on Channel Islands via Freeview

ITV's digital offspin channels ITV2 and ITV3 have arrived to viewers of Freeview in the Channel Islands. They are broadcasting on the multiplex alongside ITV1 Channel Television. Viewers in the Channel Islands may need to retune, if their TV has not done so automatically.

At digital switchover, a limited line up of Freeview became available to Channel Islanders for the first time. The line up excluded any other ITV network channels apart from Channel Television. Following the sale of Channel Television by the Yattenton Group to ITV plc last year, the path was cleared to allow additional ITV plc services onto the Channel Islands Freeview service.

ITV2 is ITV's young entertainment channel, with offshoots of major ITV shows. It is on Freeview channel 6.  ITV3 on Freeview channel 10 caters for the more mature audience and features some of the highly regarded ITV dramas and screenplays from the archives.

ITV3 transmits on the ITV/Channel 4 multiplex in the Channel Islands on Freeview channel 10  in place of timeshift channel ITV1+1 on channel 33. This is because there is no timeshift version of ITV1 Channel Television. Alongside ITV Border, Channel is one of two regions for which ITV hasn't created an ITV1+1 variant, although Border viewers receive ITV Granada+1 in lieu.

800 MHz / 4G clearance 
At the same time, some relays had their transmission frequencies changed, in order to free up spectrum at the top of the UHF band - the so-called 800 MHz band -  for 4G mobile internet services, due to launch next year.  Freeview in St Helier, St Brelades and Alderney was subject to short shutdowns whilst the necessary work took place.

Last week, the UK's DCMS announced that some viewers would need to have filters installed to cancel out 4G interference due to the new mobile services using former TV frequencies as domestic receivers and aerials are designed to pick up the full UHF band, including the portion cleared in the Channel Islands today. Nothing is known about how the individual governments of the Channel Islands will deal with this issue.

ITV1 HD remains absent from the Freeview HD service in the Channel Islands. There is currently no HD version of ITV1 Channel Television, and any ITV1 HD service at the moment would have to be ITV1 HD Meridian. HD enabled Infrastructure between Channel Television in Jersey and ITV Network playout in Chiswick would need to be in place to allow an HD version of ITV1 Channel to air, although due to satellite capacity reasons (and the small audience of Channel TV), a satellite version may not be currently viable.

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