BBC World Service to mark 80 years on air

Article updated 28th February 2012.

The BBC's international radio station is marking 80 years on air through a special series of events on Wednesday 29th February 2012.

Originally called the Empire Service and transmitted on Short Wave, the BBC World Service is now more readily available in the UK than ever through digital TV and radio platforms, but also  on Radio 4 frequencies, including 198 kHz LW overnight.

The World Service will broadcast much of its global schedule on the 29th from outside of Bush House, the station's historic HQ from 0700 to 2300 GMT.

Programme Highlights
At 0900 GMT, listeners can listen in to the daily news meeting where controllers and journalists discuss what stories get on air. This meeting is usually behind closed doors. 

Later at 1100 GMT, tune in to a special edition of 'World Have Your Say', then at 1300 GMT there's a full hour of 'Outlook', and at 1500 GMT an audience with Sir David Attenborough. There's also a special edition of 'World Business Report' combined with 'Focus on Africa' between 1700 and 1800 GMT.

A debate on the future of international broadcasting, chaired by Lyse Doucet, forms a key part of 'Newshour', which will air for two hours from 2000 GMT. Finally, between 2200 and 2300 GMT there's a specially extended edition of 'The Strand', the BBC World Service's arts and entertainment programme, edited by artist and music producer William Orbit.

Twitter users can follow the action using the hashtag  #BBCWS80

The day will also mark the start of the transition from Bush House to Broadcasting House, where all BBC News services will be based by early next year.

Listen in the UK on DAB Digital Radio, Freeview channel 710 (except Scotland 1700-0000), Freesat channel 711, Sky channel 0115 or Virgin Media channel 906, or online. Links below.

Web Link: (UK, users outside UK will directed to the second URL) (outside UK - UK users will be directed to the first URL)

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