4Music to get a new onscreen look from March 2nd.

Freeview channel 4Music will go on air with a new onscreen look on March 2nd 2012. The channel, that launched as "The Hits" was rebranded 4Music when Channel 4 took a stake in  Box TV in 2008.

Pink remains the main colour in the logo, but blue and yellow will added to the design elements of the brand in logos, trailers and captions. New programmes will launch at the weekend including the "More! Saturday warm up chart".

Nicholas Bentley, Box TV's Art Director: “The brand new set of idents and onscreen package were created to reflect and highlight 4Music’s obsession with pop culture and music." 

Originally a pure music video channel, since the morph to become 4Music, the channel increasingly showcases E4 style content in the evenings, in a nod to MTV style programming. Some Freeview viewers have vented their frustration on forums because of this, as together with VIVA, which also has veered away from music programming in the evenings, there is no dedicated full time music video channel on Freeview anymore.

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