ITV/STV/UTV Manual Tuning for Satellite Viewers

  • Your guide to HD and standard definition services from ITV, STV and UTV via satellite.

Other regional services in the UK can be accessed on Sky, Freesat and generic free-to-air satellite TV receivers via manual tuning.

Here you'll find resources to help you find and tune in these services. All services are broadcast from the Astra 2 satellite system at 28.2 degrees East, the satellite that Sky and Freesat dishes should already be pointing at.

The services are broadcast on a UK spotbeam, meaning that satellite reception beyond the British Isles and near continent may be difficult or impossible.

Manual tuning for ITV/STV/UTV on satellite, listed in transponder frequency order.  

STV City TV services for Edinburgh and Glasgow are not part of the Channel 3 network. You can find manual tuning details for local TV stations across the UK here:  
(STV City TV channels are not available on Freesat or generic free-to-air receivers.)

Find basic instructions on how to access the manual tuning menu on Sky boxes  

About this update

Articles and reference guides that mentioned manual tuning on Sky were previously written to reflect the terminology used by traditional Sky boxes. Following the launch of SkyQ, individual pages are currently being revised to reflect the terminology used by the different types of Sky receiver. Pages that haven’t been updated, may still refer to terminology that does not apply to SkyQ boxes. As an interim, guidance was flagged with (not SkyQ) to avoid users following instructions not intended for SkyQ users. These references will be removed as part of the update and where appropriate a link to updated information applicable to all Sky boxes.