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Last updated: 28/03/2017

DAB sales through 50 million mark
World DAB reports further sales boosts as DAB coverage expands.
More information...

Armagh DAB coverage boost
A new transmitter at Armagh has entered into service, boosting coverage of the national digital commercial radio multiplex Digital One in Northern Ireland, according to the latest set of Ofcom data released today.  Download the full spreadsheet (Ofcom website)

Small scale DAB Bill
Officially known as the "Broadcasting (Radio Multiplex Services) Bill", the piece of legislation that will guarantee the long-term future of small scale DAB has passed through Parliament and is now awaiting Royal Assent.

BBC World Service
The BBC has published details of some new programme strands for the English language service, available across the UK on DAB.
Details here...

Heart 80s
Global, the owner of radio station Heart, has this morning issued a news release confirming its launching a spin-off station called Heart 80s tomorrow morning (14/03/2017). It will be broadcast on the national Digital 1 multiplex, as well as on Sky and online via the Heart app.

Details from the news release here

BBC Radio 2 Country over for another year. Overnight the BBC National DAB multiplex was reconfigured back to its normal state, meaning stations that were on reduced bitrates to make way for the temporary station are now back to normal bitrates.

RTÉ confirms UK small-scale DAB plans
Irish media outlets report Ireland's public service broadcaster as planning to launch a UK-specific service based on RTÉ Radio 1 using small-scale DAB multiplexes. RTÉ was one of the originally listed trialists on the Manchester small-scale DAB trial, but regulatory hurdles stopped the broadcaster from joining the multiplex. Read more...

BBC Radio 2 Country
From today until Sunday available on DAB, online and via the BBC iPlayer Radio app.

BBC EPG broken, fixed, off-air...
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BBC DAB changes
To make way for temporary pop-up station BBC Radio 2 Country, which goes on air on Thursday, a number of changes will be taking place on the BBC's National DAB multiplex in order to create room for the station involving a number of 128kbps services being cut to 112kbps.

First DAB+ only multiplex
The small-scale DAB multiplex for Brighton has become the UK's first DAB+ only multiplex after the last station to use the original flavour DAB broadcast standard switched to DAB+ this week.

BFBS leaves national DAB 
The British Forces radio station ceases on 6th March 2017. The BFBS website has more information on alternative ways to listen to the station.

Glasgow DAB hotspot:
The Scottish city has become a hotspot for DAB digital radio. And it's been announced at an industry event that the station count in Glasgow will exceed 70 this year.

New radio station for tradespeople

Ofcom has approved the addition of a new station providing music and information to tradespeople in London. Fix Radio has been given the green light to launch a 64kbps mono service on the London II multiplex, which looks set to keep the capital's builders, plumbers and electricians entertained and informed all day. A launch date hasn't been announced yet.
02/02/2017 Ofcom |

Why was Radio Sputnik removed from DAB in London?
New information sheds light on the sudden loss of the station. Read more...
02/02/2017 a516digital

International news
South Tyrol switches to DAB+
The German speaking region of North Italy has switched its digital radio transmissions from original DAB to the newer DAB+ standard on Tuesday, ahead of a planned complete switch-off of FM. The local public broadcaster RAS uses its digital radio frequencies to relay a number of radio stations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, although the inclusion of Germany's DRWissen, made possible by the DAB+ switch was subject to a court hearing after an objection from local broadcasters.
02/02/2017 a516digital reporter

Cheesy FM goes live on DAB in Cheshire, Merseyside and NE Wales
The station is now carried on the MuxCo "Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool" multiplex, which is audible over an area stretching from Stoke in the south up to southern parts of Lancashire over Cheshire, Merseyside and the North East corner of Wales.  80kpbs/mono.
01/02/2017 Cheesy FM |

Oldies replaced by Juice
Oldies Sussex has, after one year on DAB, been replaced by Juice Brighton on the Sussex local DAB multiplex. Juice is also carried on the Brighton "small-scale" DAB multiplex.
01/02/2017 RR

Further new DAB transmitters confirmed as being on air
Latest Ofcom data confirms more DAB transmitters have gone live during December and January

Peterborough Multiplex -
New transmitters at Holbeach and Bourne (Kirby Underwood)

Suffolk Multiplex -
New transmitter at Felixstowe (confirmed by MuxCo before the weekend)

Kent Multiplex -
New transmitter at Hythe (Turnpike Hill)

Northampton Multiplex -
New transmitters at Towcester and Ecton Hall Estate

Berks & North Hants Multiplex -
New transmitter at Ascot (Dorking Cobbetts Lane)

Somerset Multiplex -
New transmitter at Coker Hill

The D1 National Multiplex now also operates coverage filler sites from Hythe (Turnpike Hill) and Coker Hill transmitter masts.
31/01/2017 Ofcom

Coverage boost for local stations on DAB in Suffolk

Transmitter information
Reports of no reception of the D2/SDL DAB multiplex in parts of East Yorkshire this morning.
DAB reception will be affected from the Keighley (W Yorks) transmitter due to planned engineering works.
DAB reception will be affected from the Guildford transmitter due to planned engineering works.

BBC Radio 2 Country
Pop-up station BBC Radio 2 Country will return on the 9th March 2017 on DAB, online and mobile platforms for four days. More information...
18/01/2017 a516digital

The Cornish community station... not the well-known German station of the same name... has been removed from local DAB in Cornwall.

Radio Sputnik gone
Russia's international station has been removed from DAB in London. Transmissions ceased at the stroke of midnight from 13th to 14th January, according to measurements from
16/01/2017 a516digital and

Cross-party support for new small-scale DAB bill
16/01/2017 a516digital

Bangor (NI) - BBC National DAB
Ofcom provide regular updates of the latest BBC and other DAB transmitter sites to go live, but this time the BBC has been first to confirm the launch of a DAB transmitter serving Bangor in Northern Ireland. It went live on the 9th December and has an effective radiated power of 0.4kW.
06/01/2017 BBC

Norway FM switchoff countdown
The first part of Norway to have its FM signals turned off is preparing for its switchoff event next week, which of course now has to have the -exit suffix: #FMexit

Station removals
BBC Radio Cymru Mwy has now closed on all digital platforms and multiplexes in Wales that carried the pop-up station. On DAB, the Cardiff & Newport multiplex carried the station.

Gold has been removed from Central Scotland's DAB line-up.

The Scottish Sun's Xmas station has now ceased on DAB in Central Scotland.
05/01/2017 various reception reports

Cambridge 105
This station is now being broadcast on the Norwich small-scale DAB multiplex.
02/01/2016 Future Digital

Small Scale DAB
All services on the small scale DAB multiplex serving Brighton have switched to DAB+, except Juice FM.

All Xmas stations on DAB have now ceased.

60s DAB
A new station on the Portsmouth Small Scale DAB service - launching 1st January 2017 at 12 noon.

Thanks for all the reception reports from our readers, without which this page wouldn't be the same!

DAB coverage boosts
More information...

DAB+ in London
Asian FX has switched to DAB+ on the London 2 multiplex - the first DAB+ service on a "regular" London DAB multiplex. The switch happened last night. More about this here...

Angel Radio - London
The community station's London outlet launched on the 10th via the capital's small-scale DAB multiplex that mostly covers areas close to central London. Listeners tuning in at 9am heard 1960s pirate radio music instead of the anticipated pre-1960s music that Angel Radio is known for. In a press release, Angel Radio blamed a technician putting a test transmission on air destined for a new pirate radio-style station launching next year. Publicity stunt? You decide.

2017 in the world of DAB - experts outline what they expect from the digital radio platform in the coming year

Ofcom: Latest DAB transmitter additions
Ofcom has updated its list of DAB transmitters - although the finished Kent network isn't yet reflected in the data, the following new transmitter sites are listed:

BBC National DAB 
Fort Widley  (NGR SU697064) 1.0 kW

D1 National 
Scunthorpe VHF  (NGR SE882092) 0.077 kW
Fort Widley (NGR SU697064) 0.5 kW

Humberside mux:
Scunthorpe VHF (NGR SE882092) 1.0 kW

South Hampshire mux:
Fort Widley (NGR SU697064) 0.5 kW

Fort Widley serves Portsmouth
09/12/2016 Ofcom data

Kent DAB roll-out complete
The coverage boosting roll-out of new transmitters on the Kent local DAB multiplex has been completed, with the final new transmitter officially launched this morning.
More information...
09/12/2016  Digital Radio UK

MuxCo wants a third multiplex for Manchester
Existing main multiplex operator accused of not supporting DAB+ to allow more stations on board.
Second multiplex (mini-mux from Niocast) is full.
08/12/2016 MuxCo

for DAB listeners in the Portsmouth area:
08/12/2016 Solent Wireless

New additions
  • Chris Country (DAB+), Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool local DAB
  • Cathedral Radio (DAB+) and Dragon Radio (DAB+) - Manchester DAB minimux (within M60)

New transmitters
Later this month, new transmitters at Felixstowe (Suffolk local DAB) and Coker Hill (Somerset local DAB)

Arqiva update on Digital Radio
In its latest financial results report, the company responsible for the UK's transmitter network said:
"[Arqiva] is also progressing with the delivery of Commercial local DAB. The programme is part of an initiative to meet the local DAB coverage threshold of 90% set by the UK Government in 2010. Arqiva is required to deliver new transmitters or upgrades at 220 sites and as at 30 September 2016 work had been completed at 185 sites. The remainder of the work will be completed in the new calendar year."
30/11/2016 Arqiva

New Ofcom research on Digital Radio
Ofcom has produced its seventh annual report on the progress of digital radio in the UK. 57% of households have a DAB radio, with residents of Swindon more likely to own a DAB set than anywhere else in the UK.
29/11/2016 Ofcom

Angel Radio
The community radio station from Portsmouth will launch in London on digital radio on 10th December. A test loop is currently being broadcast.
More info
27/11/2016 Angel Radio press release

BBC Radio Scotland Music Extra
A pop-up station from BBC Radio Scotland celebrating Scottish music, available on DAB, online and the iPlayer Radio mobile app from 23rd November - 30th November 2016. During this time, BBC Radio Scotland will be broadcast in mono on DAB digital radio.
More information...

New station Manchester Cathedral Radio
19/11/2016 Niocast

UK DAB coverage: new data published
Details of new transmitters and coverage boosts have been published by Ofcom

BBC World Service - Major expansion announced
The BBC has revealed how an extra £85 million a year will be spent on the BBC World Service. The extra money is from the government, as part of a deal announced last year, and can only be spent on the World Service.

Birmingham small-scale DAB

15/11/2016 Brumdab

BBC National DAB
Normal service is due to resume this afternoon, following the end of pop-up station BBC Music Jazz. BBC National Radio stations will return to normal bitrates and the DAB EPG will return back on-air.
14/11/2016 BBC

New station Radio Newark
Community radio station Radio Newark has been added to the Lincolnshire local DAB multiplex. Despite Newark being in Nottinghamshire, it - like Hull's KCFM - is benefitting from significant signal overspill outside of the county for coverage.
14/11/2016 MuxCo

A reminder that Signal Xmas, Pulse Xmas and Wave Xmas are live from today, available in Stoke, Bradford and Swansea via local DAB.

Nation Radio
Click here to read more about Nation Radio's application to have its character of service changed to officially become a music station for Wales after the station's expansion from being an FM service for South Wales to a DAB station on all local DAB multiplexes in Wales.

Heart Extra Xmas
Heart Extra has over the weekend flipped to an all Xmas format on national DAB, taking over the reigns from sister station Smooth Extra, which was previously the home of seasonal music from Global Radio on DAB digital radio.

BBC Music Jazz
The pop-up station is now available on DAB for its second stint on-air. Jazz fans will be able to enjoy the station until 10am Monday 14th November.
10/11/2016 BBC

Signal, Pulse and Wave Xmas
Seasonal pop-up stations from Signal, Pulse and Wave will be available on DAB digital radio in the Stoke, Bradford and Swansea areas from Monday 14th November.
10/11/2016 Wireless Group

My Music Radio
As reported last week, this new station has now launched. It can be heard on local DAB multiplexes in Surrey, Cornwall, North Yorkshire and the Cambridge small-scale DAB multiplex.
10/11/2016 UKRD

The BBC DAB Electronic Programme Guide goes off air on Wednesday 9th November, returning on Monday 14th November 2016. This is due to a temporary reconfiguration of the BBC National DAB multiplex to accomodate BBC Music Jazz, a pop-up station that’s on-air for four days. Some BBC national radio stations will also have their bitrates reduced until Monday 14th November.
08/11/2016 BBC

BBC Radio Devon
Listeners to BBC Radio Devon on DAB digital radio in the Plymouth area are being asked to retune to continue listening to the station. Listeners can return anytime between the 8th and 28th November 2016. The retune, which only affects the version of the station carried on the Plymouth multiplex, is due to a technical change in the background, which many DAB digital radios should automatically detect when tuned to a station on the multiplex.
07/11/2016 BBC

Coast and County Radio
As reported last week (further down this page), this new station has now commenced regular service for listeners to the North Yorkshire local DAB multiplex.
07/11/2016 a516digital reception reporter

New station   My Music Radio
A new oldies station from UKRD with an emphasis on 1970s music will replace existing oldie stations on DAB in various parts of the country, including Pirate Oldies and North Yorkshire Oldies next week. Ahead of the changes, the old station names have been phased out on-air.
03/11/2016 a516digital reception reporters

New station   For Sleepyheads... 
You want more choice on DAB? In Portsmouth you're getting it, with the latest addition to the local multiplex. And if you fall asleep listening to it, that's completely OK...
03/11/2016 Sleepyhead Radio

New transmitter for Aldershot / Woking small scale DAB
Once upon a time, Ofcom awarded a licence for a small scale DAB multiplex for Aldershot. The multiplex went live, but with a transmitter in Woking. Now a second transmitter has been added in Aldershot, meaning it can now actually be heard in the town.
02/11/2016 BFBS

Coast and County Radio
A new station from Scarborough has taken a slot on the North Yorkshire local DAB multiplex - a multiplex that's a hotbed of new local radio services. Coast and County Radio officially launches next week and is broadcasting birdsong until it goes live.
01/11/2016 MuxCo

Scunthorpe digital radio boost

A new transmitter broadcasting the Humberside DAB multiplex has gone live, improving local DAB reception in the area. The same area also recently benefitted from a new transmitter broadcasting the neighbouring Lincolnshire multiplex - so lots more DAB stations now receivable in Scunthorpe.
28/10/2016 Digital Radio UK

Digital Radio station offers 12 58 days of Xmas

BBC Radio Scotland's DAB pop-up
A temporary service will hit the airwaves at the end of November.
Read more here...

Kisstory No 1 commercial digital-only station
Kisstory has overtaken Absolute Radio 80s to become the UK's most listened to digital-only commercial radio station. BBC Radio 6Music remains top overall.
More here...
27/10/2016 RAJAR

Flash to go DAB+ only: 
25/10/2016 Solent Wireless

DAB reception trouble?
Essential engineering work at the Redruth (West Cornwall) and Oliver's Mount (Scarborough) transmitter sites will affect DAB reception during the course of the week.
25/10/2016 BBC Reception Advice

New station Bloomberg Radio
Bloomberg is back on DAB in London... More

BBC Music Jazz
The BBC has published the schedule for the pop-up digital radio station that goes on air on 10th November:

New station   Encore Radio
A new station launching Monday featuring songs from musicals launching on DAB in SE England.
Operator UKRD is distributing the station on the Surrey, Essex, Kent and Herts, Beds and Bucks multiplex with plentiful signal overspill into London.

New station   KCFM
Coinciding with a coverage expansion for the Lincolnshire multiplex into East Yorkshire, local station KCFM has launched on DAB. More information...
19/10/2016 MuxCo | a516digital

Divis - Engineering Work
BBC Reception reports that BBC National DAB from the Divis transmitter, serving the Belfast area, will be impacted by work this evening for three hours.
19/10/2016 BBC Reception Advice

Great Manchester Radio - from the people behind Great Yorkshire Radio - becomes the latest DAB+ station to take up a slot on the Niocast Manchester minimux. Cheesy FM departs.
17/10/2016 Niocast

News Radio UK launch

Suffolk DAB official launch - 7/10/2016
KCFM was given Ofcom permission to launch on DAB on the Lincolnshire DAB multiplex. Despite being a station based in East Yorkshire, it's benefiting from the increased range of the MuxCo-operated local multiplex for Lincolnshire, which now covers most of the East Riding. MuxCo multiplexes are increasingly favoured by smaller radio groups over more established multiplexes, with the MuxCo muxes for N Yorks, NE Wales/Cheshire and Surrey all attracting a number of community stations or smaller / niche operators. Like the Lincolnshire multiplex, many other MuxCo multiplexes benefit from reception overspill into neighbouring large cities.
03/10/2016 Ofcom | a516digital

Has DAB reception improved in your area?
Ofcom has published details of the some of the latest additions to the DAB network. Some readers have already been informing of reception improvements - see if a transmitter local to you is on the list:
03/10/2016 a516digital

Escape to Cornwall
Cornwall's answer to DAB station Birdsong, Escape to Cornwall, with soothing sounds of the Cornish coast and country, has ceased broadcasting on DAB in the county.
03/10/2016 a516digital reception reporter | Ofcom

Flash goes DAB+ in Portsmouth
Flash, broadcast on the Portsmouth minimux, is simulcasting output in both DAB and DAB+ standards ahead of a complete switch to DAB+ from 2017.

Magic Soul Summer
The temporary pop-up service has turned into Magic Soul. It's carried on DAB in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Humberside, Inverness, Leeds, London 1, Northern Ireland, Tyne & Wear, Tayside and Teesside.
29/09/2016 a516digital

Suffolk DAB
A reminder that a new local DAB multiplex for Suffolk goes live on the morning of 30th September 2016, with local stations including BBC Radio Suffolk and Heart. It will broadcast on VHF Block 10C, and listeners shouldn't retune their radio before breakfast time on the 30th.

The event is being classified as an "activation" - the proper launch event will follow at a later time.
27/09/2016 a516digital

Small-scale DAB
Ofcom has declared the trials a success and unveils details of how the rest of the UK might be able to benefit from the new technology, with frequencies earmarked in most major towns and cities.
Read more here...
26/09/2016 Ofcom | a516digital

KISS to leave Cornwall DAB
The dance music station will cease to be available via the Cornwall DAB multiplex after 31st October 2016. It continues on DAB via the D1 national multiplex.
25/09/2016 Ofcom

Small-scale DAB
Angel Radio has appeared on the Bristol minimux.
25/09/2016 a516digital reception reporter

BBC Cymru Mwy 
The new pop-up station from BBC Cymru Wales will start broadcasting on Monday morning. So far, local DAB coverage on the SE Wales  (Cardiff and Newport) multiplex has been confirmed (now testing ahead of launch), but a test signal on Freeview in Wales has also been spotted...

Station exit
Kiss has ceased broadcasting on local DAB im Berkshire as its carriage deal has come to an end. The station has been winding down local DAB carriage since it joined the national DAB multiplex Digital One.

Suffolk DAB
New multiplex to broadcast six stations.
More here...

BBC Music Jazz is back
Read more here
13/09/2016 a516digital

Capital UK
A national version of Capital FM containing  breakfast and drive-time shows has appeared on the Digital One national DAB multiplex in mono.

Planned maintenance for Portsmouth DAB service 

Union JACK

A new station playing nothing but British music is broadcasting on Digital 2, 24kbps, DAB +, PTY Rock Music.

"The Twitter of Radio"
News Radio UK is the latest station joining the DAB minimux in Portsmouth. The self-proclaimed "Twitter of Radio" will present news in short chunks.Broadcast in DAB+.

MuxCo North Wales
Reception of the multiplex has now been reported in the Wirral, indicating the new transmitters announced last month are now doing their job in expanding coverage. Reception reporter James reports the North Wales mux is affecting reception of the Stoke multiplex at his location.Both use VHF Block 12D.
01/09/2016 a516digital reception reporter

Dragon Radio
Now available on local DAB in SE Wales, Mid and SW Wales, North Wales and NE Wales and Cheshire  (aka Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool) replacing Nation Gold.
01/09/2016 a516digital |

Weather Radio 
After several days of tests, Weather 24/7 has now launched on DAB in Portsmouth.
01/09/2016 Solent Wireless

Humber DAB
By 6am, four new transmitters will be switched on at High Hunsley, Hull Clough Road, Patrington and Garrowby Hill, improving and expanding DAB coverage for 146,000 listeners, with a fifth transmitter launching in Scunthorpe in October, improving and expanding DAB coverage for a further 74,000 listeners. In total 220,000 listeners in Scunthorpe, Goole, Bubwith, Market Weighton and Stamford Bridge will benefit from improved DAB coverage.
01/09/2016 a516digital

Weather Radio station
Weather 24/7: a new station to launch next week on the Solent Wireless DAB minimux for Portsmouth. It's now testing.

BBC National DAB 
BBC Reception have confirmed the addition of transmitters carrying the BBC's national digital radio stations at Kenley, Shilbottle, Blackpool Princess Street and West Lynn (King's Lynn)  - all transmitters that went live up to June 2016.

Unfortunately, there is currently a significant lag between transmitters going  live and being officially announced by the UK's largest digital radio operators in comparison to other countries where DAB services are being rolled out.
27/08/2016 BBC Reception

Blast 106 has gone live on the Glasgow DAB 'minimux' on VHF Block 10B, using the DAB+ broadcasting standard.

The operator of the multiplex has changed its name from Scrimshaws Information Directories to Brave Broadcasting.
27/08/2016 a516digital reception reporter

Switzerland's radio listening goes digital
25/08/2016 WorldDAB

More DAB transmitters?
Frequency Finder has details of new DAB transmitter sites registered with the ITU. These are sites that weren't included in January 2015's local DAB roll-out plans. There's been no official announcement about any further expansion from Ofcom or the DAB multiplex operators.

Small Scale DAB
Updated listing of multiplexes and stations partaking in Ofcom's small scale DAB trial here...
25/08/2016 a516digital


Humberside multiplex to change frequency on 1st September
Listeners to stations including BBC Radio Humberside, Viking FM, Viking 2 and 3 on DAB need to retune after 6am on 1st September. More information here...

Swiss Minimux
New technology being deployed by Swiss operator Digris AG is making digital radio more accessible in Switzerland, where 10 local stations have launched on a new local minimux for the Basel area of the country. The stations include World Radio Switzerland (WRS) - Switzerland's only 24 hour English language radio station for the international community in Switzerland.
19/08/2016 Digris

Solent Wireless turns 1
It should have been off-air by now, instead what was originally only intended for the a nine-month trial is on its way to becoming a permanent fixture in DAB broadcasting:
The Solent Wireless minimux, one of 10 minimuxes in the UK celebrates one year of regular service. The technology behind the minimuxes - part of Ofcom's small scale DAB project - allows smaller and niche stations to afford making the switch to DAB.
More about Solent Wireless at 1 here...
19/08/2016 Solent Wireless | a516digital

Capital Cymru
Capital FM's service for North Wales, which includes content in the Welsh language, has launched on the MuxCo North Wales multiplex, just as new transmitters are added to the network, improving coverage in Anglesey and along the A55 corridor.
18/06/2016 MuxCo

Jack DAB+ switch
As first reported last week, Jack and Jack 2 have made the switch to DAB+ on the Surrey DAB multiplex. The change was observed overnight from Wednesday into Thursday

Coventry multiplex problems
Over the weekend we had reports of problems affecting audio on the Coventry local DAB multiplex. Free Radio confirmed engineers were aware of the problem.
15/08/2016 @cov4si on Twitter

MuxCo confirms seven new local DAB transmitters
More here...

More stations planning to make the switch to DAB+
More here...

Local DAB affected by engineering works in Edinburgh
Planned work affecting the Craigkelly transmitter, which serves the eastern end of Scotland's central belt, including most of Edinburgh, will take place between the 8th August and 2nd September, according to the BBC. This work will result in some reduced power between the hours of 10:00 and 16:00. This work will only affect local DAB radio, including BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal. The FM service from Black Hill transmitter, which covers some of the same area is also liable to spells of reduced power during the day until September.

09/08/2016 a516digital | BBC Reception

New DAB transmitters
New sites for transmitters/repeaters that have gone live since May, as published by Ofcom:

BBC National DAB
Caterham Oldpark Wood
BBC National DAB
BBC National DAB
Beccles South Road
BBC National DAB
BBC National DAB
Freeth Allotments
D1 National
Caterham Oldpark Wood
Earls Hill
Freeth Allotments
Earls Hill
Millburn Muir
Tolsford Hill
Winter Hill
London 1
Caterham Oldpark Wood
London 2
Caterham Oldpark Wood
London 3
Caterham Oldpark Wood
Sutton Common
Sunley Building
N. Ireland
South East Wales
South Hampshire
Freeth Allotments
Caterham Oldpark Wood
Trial Glasgow
Edmonstone Court
Tyne & Wear

DAB transmitters that have gone live in the past few weeks aren't included on the Ofcom database. The inclusion of a transmitter site on the Ofcom database is often the first official notification available in the public domain that a site is now live.

03/08/2016 Ofcom

Capital switch
It's finally happened: The duplication of Capital Liverpool on two local DAB multiplexes, following the acquisition of Juice FM, has ended. MuxCo Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool now carrying the Wrexham version of the hit music station:

03/08/2016 MuxCo

New station

Love 80s Manchester / Liverpool
Launching 6th August. Manchester - via Niocast Trial Manchester multiplex; Liverpool: via MuxCo Wrexham Chester Liverpool. The Manchester and Liverpool stations will operate as separate services More here...
03/08/2016 a516digital

DAB Change:
Chris Country has left the NE Wales DAB multiplex, but hopes to back soon. Nation Radio has taken over its DAB+ slot.

02/08/2016 Chris Country |

BBC iPlayer Radio now officially global
It launched in the Republic of Ireland and the USA in July, now the app can be downloaded elsewhere in the world
More here...
02/08/2016 a516digital

BBC Cymru Wales: new DAB pop-up station in September
more details

02/08/2016 a516digital

Five years DAB+ in Germany
On the 1st August 2011, the DAB digital radio platform in Germany was relaunched using the new DAB+ standard. During the last year, the profile of the DAB+ service in the country has started to accelerate, both in terms of coverage and station choice. The national multiplex has just been filled up, with the launch of Schwarzwaldradio (Black Forest Radio) on 1st September. The process of getting clearance to launch a second national DAB+ multiplex has recently got underway.
01/08/2016 a516digital

New on DAB
Glow Radio has launched today on the Gloucester DAB multiplex. The station plays a mix of "contemporary hits alongside nineties anthems and floorfillers".
01/08/2016 a516digital reception reporter

Small-scale DAB update
In Portsmouth, Cheesy FM has launched as a new DAB+ service.
01/08/2016 Solent Wireless

In Manchester, Unity Radio and Chris Country have switched to DAB+. You'll need a radio with the tick mark shown below to receive these stations.
01/08/2016 Niocast

Small Scale DAB - multiplexes and stations

New on DAB
In Tayside, listeners can now tune in to Absolute 60s and Absolute 00s on the local DAB multiplex following Ofcom approval, effective 28th July.
01/08/2016 Ofcom

New DAB radios need to conform to new standards to get the Digital Radio Tick Mark
Transition to the new standards ended this month. For UK consumers, it means any newly accredited DAB radios will work when you take them to another European country where there is a DAB network.
More information....

As the BBC confirms how viewers can watch extra Olympic TV channels during Rio 2016,  on digital radio, you will find Olympic coverage on BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra.

Glow Radio
As reported down the page, Glow Radio is the new local station for Gloucestershire launching 1st August. The station, that will play contemporary hits from the 90s until today has a 80kbps mono slot on the Gloucestershire local DAB multiplex.
22/07/2016 a516digital

Another local DAB station coming

Antenna Radio is testing and launching shortly on the Manchester (Niocast) DAB multiplex. Until now, the station's been online-only
20/07/2016 a516digital

DAB Slideshow
A few weeks back we ran an item about how small-scale DAB multiplex operators are leading the way in providing DAB slideshows on their services. Pure has a DAB radio under £50 that enables you to see these slideshows.

And here's more about DAB Slideshow

20/07/2016 Pure | World DAB | Twitter

Radio Yorkshire coverage expansion
From August 1st, Radio Yorkshire will be broadcast on the Leeds DAB multiplex, in addition to its current outlets on the N Yorks and Bradford/Huddersfield multiplexes.
18/07/2016 Radio Yorkshire

Weekly small-scale DAB catch-up
Changes to small-scale DAB multiplex line-ups:
  • Sunrise Radio New on Glasgow small-scale DAB multiplex.
  • Starpoint Soul New on Portsmouth small-scale DAB multiplex.

New Minister
Matthew Hancock has taken over Ed Vaizey's role and is now responsible for the Digital Economy in the newly rejigged Cabinet.

Minister for Digital Economy celebrating Digital Radio
Ed Vaizey is at the London HQ of Global Radio, attending an event celebrating the recent successes of DAB digital radio, including a massive increase in the number of stations being carried on the DAB platform in the UK in recent months. More here...
12/07/2016 a516digital

New DAB station for Gloucestershire 
Glow Radio has announced it will be launching on the MuxCo Gloucestershire multiplex on 1st August.

Small scale DAB regulation to be discussed in Parliament
A bill that will make small scale DAB a firm part of the radio landscape will be discussed in parliament on Friday 13 January 2017.

Currently small scale DAB is a trial service in 10 locations across the UK. Ofcom wants to make this arrangement permanent, but there needs to be some changes in legislation to facilitate these services in the long-run.

05/07/2016 a516digital | a516digital reception reporter

Gold to get the boot off Central Scotland DAB multiplex

Ofcom has authorised a request to remove oldie station Gold from the Central Scotland DAB multiplex. This leaves three stations on the multiplex, which broadcasts on VHF Block 11D across the central belt of Scotland: BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal, Central FM and talkSPORT Scotland.

05/07/2016 a516digital | Ofcom

DAB slideshows
Where existing multiplexes are lacking, the Portsmouth minimux, part of the Ofcom trial of small scale DAB, is continuing to add slideshows to more stations:

Great Yorkshire Radio on-air
The new station for Yorkshire, broadcast on the North Yorkshire local DAB multiplex is now officially live. It plays upbeat music, and covers 80s and 90s music. In addition to DAB, you can listen online or via mobile app.

Read a full article here

04/07/2016 a516digital

New station alert - Pure 80s
Available on the Niocast operated small-scale DAB multiplex for Manchester.
04/07/2016 a516digital

New station alert
New on the MuxCo Surrey multiplex - Airshow - from the Farnborough Airshow. 64kbps mono.
Details about the station can be found on the Farnborough Airshow website.


New station alert
Magic Abba, which has been reported as being silent since the temporary ABBA-themed pop-up service came to an end has turned in to Magic Soul Summer.

Magic Soul Summer is available on Local DAB multiplexes covering: London, Birmingham, Teesside, Tyne & Wear, Humberside, Leeds, Edinburgh, Northern Ireland, Tayside, Inverness, as well as online.

Update 12:15: More on this here...

04/07/2016 a516digital & a516digital reception reporter Mike

New station alert
A new station, Great Yorkshire Radio is testing on the North Yorkshire local DAB multiplex ahead of its launch on Monday 4th July.

Not to be confused with the similarly named Radio Yorkshire and predecessor station Yorkshire Radio.

The new station has a 64kpbs mono slot.

01/07/2016 a516digital

Norfolk DAB fault
There have been once again problems with DAB digital radio services in Norfolk. 

Earlier, all but one transmitter carrying local DAB stations, including BBC Radio Norfolk and Heart were off air. Just the North Walsham transmitter remained in operation. By 3pm, normal service and coverage had returned.

The multiplex has been affected by faults in recent months, often attributed to fibre connectivity problems.

29/06/2016 a516digital Reception Reporters & BBC Reception 

Australia DAB+ take-up
Stats from Commercial Radio Australia confirm 1.8 million more people in the country listen to DAB+ than via streaming.

29/06/2016 Commercial Radio Australia

New opportunity for stations in Portsmouth

Thames Radio has been added to the London 2 DAB multiplex. 64kpbs mono, then from 27/06/2016, 80kbps mono.

Solent Wireless - DAB slideshows
The minimux operator for Portsmouth has confirmed DAB slideshows now available on Radio Caroline and Gaydio.

24/06/2016 @solentwireless on twitter

Pure offers a free DAB+ upgrade 

Some digital radios sold by Pure can only process DAB+ services following an upgrade. For a limited time, this is being offered free. And if you don't have a compatible radio, Pure is offering up to £50 off a new DAB+ radio.

Normally, DAB radios can't be upgraded to DAB+, but in this case some radios are DAB+ compatible, but just haven't had that functionality activated. 

More information on the Pure website:


On the London 2 DAB multiplex, Spectrum is now known as "Spectrum Sino"

Indulgence has launched on the Solent Wireless operated Portsmouth DAB minimux.

The launch follows several days of test broadcasts.

22/06/2016  @solentwireless on Twitter

A second national DAB multiplex could now be on the way in Germany after capacity on the current national multiplex was filled. 

The last remaining capacity on the Bundesmux was awarded to Schlagerparadies and Media Broadcast. Schlagerparadies previously broadcast on capacity controlled by regiocast, which give its capacity back, meaning Schlagerparadies had to be successful in its bid for capacity to stay on air nationally. Media Broadcast intends to sub-let its capacity for a new, but as yet un-named audio service.

Now the first multiplex is full, authorities have requested that capacity be made available for a second national multiplex, due to continued interest from commercial operators. This will be discussed in October when the heads of the German Länder come together.

In Germany, there are no truly national FM commercial radio services, although a small number of stations hold FM broadcast licences across multiple states.

21/06/2016 |

The roll-out of BBC Local Radio on Freeview has been completed.

At midday today, the final batch of local radio stations went live on Freeview in the North of England and on the Channel Islands.

Since the beginning of the month, up to five local radio stations have been made available in each area. The first local radio stations started to appear on Freeview in 2014, before most areas got at least one station on the platform during 2015.

Most, but not all stations have full programme listings via the Freeview EPG.

There’s more information on which stations are carried in which TV regions on our dedicated information page.

21/06/2016 a516digital

Nation Broadcasting is to launch a new station on DAB in London.

The Welsh radio group, which operates stations including Nation Radio and Radio Pembrokeshire, will launch Thames Radio on the London 2 DAB multiplex. Further technical details were not announced, however the station is aiming to woo listeners with the return of Pat Sharp and Neil Fox to London's airwaves.

21/06/2016 @thamesradio on Twitter

FEATURED Small Scale DAB: a progress report
A whole year has passed since Ofcom announced who was successful in their bid to take part in a trial of new technology that could bring down the cost of distributing services on DAB. And the new operators are already ahead of the game, as this special feature highlights…

20/06/2016 a516digital

New DAB transmitter spotted? Any new stations we've missed? Contact us and let us know.

More DAB+ in Norwich
Solar Radio on the Norwich DAB minimux has switched to broadcasting in DAB+. It follows the DAB+ launch of Angel Digital across the city on the 15th June 2016. The Norwich minimux is one of ten trials of small scale DAB licensed by Ofcom and is operated by Future Digital.

Small scale DAB - multiplexes, locations and stations


Manchester DAB changes
Manchester's Business Radio has ended its nine-month trial, but expects to be on-air again soon. Listeners are being invited to complete a survey about the station. Magic Abba has also ceased.

Vacated capacity on the Manchester minimux operated by Niocast is now being used for Solar Radio and Rainbow Radio.

18/06/2016 Manchester Business Radio | Reception Reports


National commercial multiplex Digital One has boosted its signal in the West Midlands.

The Sedgeley Beacon transmitter, originally planned several years ago, has now entered into service. It’s the fifth and final transmitter to be added to Digital One’s network this year, although various filler sites to stop adjacent channel interference are still being activated, such as at Cheveley, Cambs, where the local DAB multiplex is broadcast on an adjacent VHF frequency.

More transmitters are planned to go in service in 2017.

09/06/2016 Digital One