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Please note that we can't usually answer queries about specific broadcasters and channels, nor can we offer advice about TV/radio installation. Please contact the relevant broadcaster if you have questions or comments about their output.

a516digital welcomes contact from media / PR organisations including press releases. Please see our contact form below.

For some stories and reference pages, a516digital relies on the input from readers, such as first-hand reception reports. If you think the information a516digital has received is wrong or needs clarifying or updating, contact us!

For other general enquiries, including enquiries from media / PR organisations or if you wish to report a problem you've encountered on the website, you can use the contact box provided by vCita below. Responses may not be as instant as the comment function on individual pages, but are made in the strictest confidence - please read the following: 

If you've got news or a story to tell, please indicate if/when you want your details to be published should the item lead to publication. a516digital will not publish your details until consent is given. 

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