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Monday, 12 May 2014

STV Glasgow: what's on and how to get it

Scotland's first local TV channel has announced more information about what will be on the new service and how viewers will be able watch.

From its launch on 2nd June, STV Glasgow will, according to STV, reach two million viewers across the west of Scotland. (Reception information below)

The channel will broadcast for 12 hours a day from noon until midnight. Flagship magazine show The Riverside Show will broadcast on weekday evenings at 6:30pm, featuring Jennifer Reoch and David Farrell - aka radio presenter Romeo.

Archive programmes to feature on the channel include Scottish classics Take The High Road and Taggart .

STV Glasgow has also committed to broadcasting one hour of non-English speaking content per week. Polish drama, Czas Honoru, will start on 4th June, with subtitles.

Paul Hughes, channel editor, said:
"The channel schedule includes a mix of live, daily magazine programming, alongside new, acquired shows and popular classics from the STV archive.

"The channel aims to reflect everything that’s happening in Glasgow on a daily basis and we look forward to bringing viewers all the latest news, entertainment and features from Scotland’s largest city."

Freeview and YouView
STV Glasgow is on Freeview channel 23 and is available to viewers with Freeview or YouView with their aerials directed at the Black Hill transmitter. The coverage area is shown below.

Source: Ofcom
Viewers in Glasgow who can already receive "POP" on channel 75 (6am-10pm) or Chart Show TV on Freeview channel 67 (10pm-6am) will be able to get the new channel.

Do you need to retune?
Some modern Freeview receivers - especially those with Freeview HD accreditation - automatically add channels, but some may only automatically add STV Glasgow when it launches if you have already retuned and got POP (Channel 75) and Chart Show TV (Channel 67) in your line-up. This is because these channels will share the same frequency, and some TV's notice when extra channels start-up up on the same frequency as another channel stored on the TV's channel list.

If in doubt, viewers should retune: Digital UK, the organisation responsible for managing the Freeview platform has provided information on retuning at

Viewers can also check Freeview coverage on the official local TV coverage checker:

If you live in the coverage area shown above and want to do a manual retune, STV Glasgow will be on the local TV multiplex on UHF channel 51 or 714 MHz.

Please note: viewers using a communal / shared aerial (e.g. in a block of flats) who can't get STV Glasgow on Freeview channel 23 after retuning should contact their landlord / property management company. A filter might be in use which stops STV Glasgow, POP and Chart Show TV from passing through. Aerials in the Glasgow area not using the Black Hill transmitter will not receive the channel.

Viewers in Glasgow and the West of Scotland who receive STV West on channel 103 will receive STV Glasgow on channel 117, meaning the channel will be available across a slightly wider area than the terrestrial (Freeview) service.

Virgin Media
Viewers in Glasgow only will receive STV Glasgow on channel 159.

...but not Freesat
The service is not available on Freesat, thought to be due to broadcast rights issues, as a free-to-air signal would overspill into other territories.


  1. I'm not surprised there's no comments. Such a waste of airtime.
    Do we really want to see old High Roads & Taggarts. NO!
    Plus another magazine show that will be just as dull & amateur as the rest.
    Bring back BonanzaBonanza PLEASE!!!

  2. So disappointed that STV Glasgow is not available on FREESAT as I can`t watch programmes via Freeview as the signal where I live is terrible.

  3. I can't get this channel despite living walking distance from STV studios!

  4. You don't mention how you receive your TV signal, however in Glasgow reception via Freeview is only via Black Hill transmitter and none of the other transmitters/relays that are available in some parts of the Glasgow area.

  5. Why is STV Glasgow not 24 hours?


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